23 July 2014

What I wore

Another go-to outfit lately. The tunic is wool and lovely and cosy.

 photo wiwredtunic_zps13734519.jpg

Black top: Tesco
Red tunic: thrifted
Polka-dot cardigan: The Warehouse
Leggings: Kmart
Boots: The Warehouse

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21 July 2014

Day in the life vlog

Another day-in-the-life video that I filmed a few weeks ago, on a Saturday. (If you're reading in a feed reader you might have to click over to the blog to watch.)

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19 July 2014

Mr Nutcase

I was recently approached by a company called Mr Nutcase, who offered one of their custom cellphone cases for me to review. I received the case at no cost to myself but all opinions are my own.

In fact, I waited for a little while before doing this post as I wanted to see how the case held up with some use.

I have an iPhone 4 but use my old iPhone 3GS for Best View, as I preferred to have a separate number. I chose to order a custom case for the Best View phone, and decided on a plain white one with the graphic from our logo. (Please excuse the grainy pics; we were having very gloomy weather when I took these.)

 photo mrnutcase01_zps60e76e13.jpg

There are various templates on the Mr Nutcase site - you can choose a style and upload your own photos, or simply have one photo on the entire case. There are also different styles of cases, for various phones, and they also do iPad cases. I chose the hard shell case. The image is printed on the back and the sides are transparent.

 photo mrnutcase02_zpsa85368d0.jpg

While I had a little trouble with some of the templates, uploading a single photo worked fine. Overall I found the site easy to navigate, and I love that they offer free shipping worldwide.

The case fits the phone well and has held up absolutely fine. The turquoise house in the logo printed a little more green than it should, but other than that the printing is crisp and sharp. It seems somehow embedded in the plastic and hasn't scratched off at all.

 photo mrnutcase03_zps9b91a3f4.jpg

Overall I think it's a great product and will consider ordering from them in future. If you'd like to order your own custom case, you can even upload your photos directly from your Facebook or Instagram account. To celebrate this new feature Mr Nutcase is offering you 30% off when you order a new case. Simply enter Facebook30 at checkout (I don't get any kickbacks or rewards for this post or when you place your own order; the only compensation I received was the free case.) Offer expires 30 July 2014, so get in there quickly :)

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17 July 2014

Little crate makeover

It's amazing what a difference a little paint and a label maker can make to a cheap thrifted crate. I use it to stash my iPhone armband holder, sunglasses and headphones.

 photo littlecrate01_zps9b92618f.jpg

 photo littlecrate02_zps32aaa0b6.jpg

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15 July 2014

Daisy's first trip to the beach

A little while ago we took Daisy to the beach, as she'd finally had her last shots and healed from her spaying and was able to go out. She absolutely loved it, of course! We couldn't take her near the water's edge as there were heaps of bluebottles all along, but there was still plenty for her to do like digging, chasing her boys, pulling on seaweed, and running.

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach01_zps7fd2fa8a.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach09_zps027e05fb.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach08_zps24d7c48d.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach12_zps0fab5a96.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach13_zpsbf39b25a.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach06_zps7a7af4dd.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach04_zpse4db1188.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach10_zpscc5c2f7c.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach05_zps1dbea641.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach07_zps421926ee.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach11_zps72dcd92e.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach03_zps89802385.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach02_zpsc8e0799c.jpg

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach14_zps4cc1f9cb.jpg

When we got home she pretty much did this for the rest of the day:

 photo daisyatkarioitahibeach15_zpsd467b81b.jpg

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12 July 2014

What I wore grocery shopping

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I had a week of jury duty (everything said in the trial had to be translated into Mandarin or from Mandarin into English = mega tedious), then straight into school holidays, so I am very behind with pretty much everything. I have some blog posts planned but no uninterrupted time to work on them! In the meantime, here's another what-I-wore post - having a photo of me as my most recent post will light a fire under me to get another post up soon!

I don't know what is up with my expression in this picture - although it's a fit representation of the just-keep-swimming anxiety I'm currently dealing with.

 photo wiwpeachtop_zps58b346c6.jpg

Cardigan: Sainsbury's
Top: Kmart
Jeans: Tesco
Shoes: Tesco kids department (on sale)
Necklace: eBay

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30 June 2014

Label your jeans hangers

When I saw this post pinned on Pinterest I had one of those smack-your-forehead moments. Pure genius!! Why did I not think of this?

I have a row of hangers with my jeans, leggings and maxi skirt on, but I can never tell which is which just from looking at the hangers.

 photo labelhangers01_zpsbea3f81a.jpg

So I labeled each hanger. I didn't use hanging tags, though, I used my label maker. Unfortunately the labels kept wanting to peel off at the top and bottom where they curved around the hanger, so I went over each one with some clear tape. (And yes, that is a label on my label maker saying "My Precious". What can I say, I love organising.)

 photo labelhangers02_zps56d7f09d.jpg

Even with both steps it takes so little time to make the labels and it's saved me so much time in figuring out which pair of jeans / pants is which.

 photo labelhangers03_zpsde8a261c.jpg

(I have since added jeggings and skinny jeans to the mix as I slim down into the sizes that I have.)

I hope this idea is as helpful to you as it was to me!

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28 June 2014

What I wore

This is my go-to outfit lately. It is so comfortable that it's like wearing pyjamas. I sometimes wear knee-high black boots with it, or switch the denim jacket out for a magenta cardigan, adding a black scarf and coat if it's really cold.

 photo wiwbirdtop_zps050e181b.jpg

Bird tunic: thrifted
Leggings: Kmart
Denim jacket: thrifted (SaveMart)
Shoes: Brantano

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27 June 2014

A day in my life

I was going through some home videos and found some daily vlog footage from March that I thought I'd share here. It was a pretty typical day :)

(For those reading in a feed reader, you may need to click through to this post to watch the video.)

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24 June 2014

Exercise - Part 6: Keeping going

 photo Exercisepart6KeepingGoing_zps11b48677.jpg

In this series I've talked about the benefits of exercise, motivation, establishing a habit, what I do, and what equipment I use. In this last post I want to talk about keeping going once the habit is established.

In some respects habits drive themselves. That's kind of what makes them habits. It's just something that you do without thinking about it.

But at the same time as humans we have free will and everything we do, even habitually, is a choice. Let's face it - on some days the choice to exercise is easier than others. So what keeps me going when the choice is difficult?

Well, exercising is now what I expect of myself. It's not something I need to talk myself into, it's a basic expectation, like brushing my teeth. I don't have to make the decision to exercise as I know I'm going to. I know it's in my best interest, I know I will feel better for it and it's just something I need to do to retain self respect.

I also feel so much better for it so I do it because I deserve it. I make sure that exercise is one of the things I have to fit into my life them because I deserve to look after myself. I deserve to feel better and to keep healthy.

I also owe it to my family. I am so grateful to have a husband who looks after himself with healthy diet and regular exercise and I owe him the same. I want to be around with my family for a long time and I want to be in the best possible shape to enjoy my life with them. Last year I was a burden on my family because of poor health and I want to do all I can to avoid that ever happening again.

I make sure I stay interested and motivated by switching it up. If I don't feel like walking or getting my heart rate up I lift some weights. If I need to burn off some stress I go for a run. If I'm bored of my usual exercise I do something I haven't done in a while like hike or swim. Sure, some days none of the above appeals to me - then I just pick a short, intense workout and get it over and done with. But switching it up definitely helps, even if it's simply changing my walking route.

I also find it helpful to enlist a companion. On days when I don't feel like walking it's much more enjoyable to do so with Grant, my boys, or a friend. When chatting and catching up you hardly notice you are exercising (except on those hills when you can't speak because you're out of breath!)

I watch where my focus is. Our two boys are typical first-world kids in that they can complain about things that aren't really problems. I often find myself saying to them, "You can focus on the doughnut or focus on the hole - you have both in your hand." It's the same when I'm working out. I can focus on my sore feet, my thumping heart, the discomfort, the cold, the wind, the time it takes, the effort it requires; or I can focus on how it makes my life better, the beautiful sunrise, the energy it brings me, the sunshine on my face, the feeling of aliveness. I choose to focus on the things that make me feel good and keep me wanting to do it, rather than the things that make me want to stop.

And finally, we've made exercising part of our family culture. We often choose active ways of spending time together - playing on the beach, swimming, walking, cycling, etc. And as soon as Daisy has had all of her shots we'll have enjoyable family time walking her too. It's become normal for us to get some exercise as we hang out.

To wrap up this series I thought I'd share a little video montage of active moments. I hope you'll find as much enjoyment in activity as I now do!

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