21 June 2016

Opunake walkway

 photo Opunake walkway 01_zpskrtvw9gp.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 02_zpsoulh8pgj.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 03_zpsfhjpvkgm.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 04_zpsy5uqgnzd.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 05_zpsa36zxzpz.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 06_zpsvfxkqjmt.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 07_zpsz2ifixmi.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 08_zpsl7spzufx.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 09_zpsgzo7mlpx.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 10_zpsoukudt0o.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 11_zpsbqm2fs2s.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 12_zps8zsoldf8.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 13_zpshou284qm.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 14_zps4kgzihep.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 15_zpswfxvgm0a.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 16_zpsnylbbwyx.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 17_zps4ih29nnm.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 20_zpsoh60hbwp.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 18_zpsel0flzbh.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 19_zpsj24dwk7f.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 21_zpswplwo0jv.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 22_zpsqztfu7jy.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 23_zpsbmmn2brw.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 24_zpsdgjlgzmn.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 25_zpsvxol3ks9.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 26_zpsoxh3fd60.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 27_zpsgdbtqlyn.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 28_zpslgf3npiq.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 29_zpsx4mhqufx.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 30_zpszlzslmgs.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 31_zpsivoop4fe.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 32_zpsyrokd106.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 33_zpsligbcmr7.jpg

 photo Opunake walkway 34_zpssfb3o6lq.jpg

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20 June 2016

5 years and latest Blurb book offer

You guys, we've been in New Zealand for FIVE YEARS today! It has gone by so fast. I themed my shelf for the occasion:

 photo nz anniversary shelfie_zpsfmlqoizg.jpg

We've made so many memories in that time, and I'm so happy to have them in my Blurb books to look through whenever I want to. I am still working on my 2015 book, I have just been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to finish it, which I'm annoyed about because here is another great deal! If only I had my book ready to order! Maybe I'll complete it in time, as I have 2 more days. Hopefully you are more prepared than I am and have a book ready to order to grab this awesome deal of 40% off!

Offer: 40% off entire purchase 
Code: VIP40A
Valid: June 20 - June 22
Terms: *Offer valid from June 20 through June 22, 2016 (11:59 p.m. local time). A 40% discount is applied toward your product total with no minimum order or maximum discount. Valid for printed books made by you only. This offer is good for one-time use, and cannot be combined with volume discounts, other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders.

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17 June 2016

Fresh jams

On Monday we will celebrate our 5 year anniversary of moving to New Zealand, so of course when it came time to do a fresh jamicure I had to go with KiwiFlora nail wraps! You can buy them here (NZ peeps please contact me for free shipping).

 photo kiwiflora_zpsgyekyraq.jpg

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16 June 2016

One year later: the back yard

So a year down the line we have changed some things in the garden. You can see all of the before photos here; I'm just going to share the areas today that have changed. I'll post each before and after together so you can see the comparison.

The biggest change has been to the garage and sleepout - we now call it the guest house, as we've developed it somewhat inside (more on that later).

A year ago:

 photo garden 15_zps7ru5k5ns.jpg


 photo Untitled-4_zps7civiykc.jpg
I painted the walls and trim, Grant and I stained the deck, I made a rolling table for the deck, and I pulled up the old stone path and planted some perennials. The garden is actually looking very scruffy as I popped some tomato plants in and they are done now. Next spring I'll be concentrating on more plants, and we plan to move the daisy bush.

Another angle a year ago:

 photo garden 16_zpsmuer8nnf.jpg


 photo Untitled-3_zpshxry851o.jpg

This area is behind the guest house. It used to be a long falling down lean-to. We reduced the size of it to fit in an extension to the guest house, and plan to turn what remains into a greenhouse. I've shortened and stained the potting bench.

A year ago:

 photo garden 13_zpsfqlpdo7o.jpg


 photo garden 03_zpsr0insnip.jpg

A year ago:

 photo garden 12_zpscaamlt2l.jpg


 photo garden 04_zpsa5hm1gdw.jpg

This is the view from the back gate. I added raised beds to the chicken run, and turned the inside of the chicken run into a berry garden.

A year ago:

 photo garden 11_zpslpaenfjg.jpg


 photo Untitled-2_zpswg10cuab.jpg

Standing next to the chicken run / berry cage a year ago:

 photo garden 10_zpsc0e06ynd.jpg


 photo Untitled-1_zpsfhhplyx9.jpg

Other things we have done in the garden include a lot of pruning, having 2 huge gum trees removed, installing 3 sheds (2 for storage of bicycles, mowers, etc, and one for a workshop), and installing a washing line.

I'm just realising that I never shared photos of the inside of the guest house, but I'll save those for the grand reveal, which HOPEFULLY shouldn't be too far away. Watch this space ... you will be blown away!!

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11 June 2016

Before You Buy Your First Condo

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Evaluate your needs. Are you a social individual? Condos generally offer many amenities that aren’t available at other locations, as well as leaving you within close proximity to neighbors. If you, or your family, enjoy community events and getting to know the people who live by you, the condo life may be a great decision for you.

It’s important not to rush on any decision that is going to have such a significant impact on your future, but consider the pros and cons of the choice and how you can benefit from living in a condo.

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Fresh Jams

I felt like doing some gels with my jams - these are not Jamberry gels (although we do have a Jamberry gel system). The wrap is called Afternoon Tea and is available online (here) but not in the catalogue.

 photo Afternoon Tea 01_zpsuw939hcs.jpg

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10 June 2016

One year later: the bedrooms

Here are the last of the house photos. Noah's room has had very little change, we are still getting to it. Here is how it looked a year ago and how it looks now.

 photo noah room 01_zpsyow3b7yl.jpg

 photo noah room 02_zpskhdtb7jq.jpg

 photo noah room 1_zpstmrg1x1f.jpg

 photo noah room 2_zpskdlk7bci.jpg

What we've done:
- got chalkboard labels for all of the drawers
- bought new (temporary) bedside tables
- hung a pin board

What we plan to do:
- paint all woodwork
- paint the walls
- install curtain poles
- buy new curtains
- adapt the bedside tables
- accesorise

Daniel's room is finished! You can see the reveal post here. Here's how it looked a year ago and how it looks now.

 photo dan room 03_zps5wqhdtzp.jpg

 photo dan room 04_zpszwpbmmkc.jpg

 photo dan room 01_zpsszdpqcqx.jpg

 photo dan room 02_zps28982r8y.jpg

What we did:
- painted all of the woodwork (still need to roll the doors!)
- painted the walls
- made accessories and artwork
- made and hung a shelf
- installed a curtain rod
- bought new curtains
- installed a new light fitting (a black wire fruit bowl from Kmart!)

I think our bedroom has had the most dramatic makeover. It isn't quite finished yet, but here is how it looked a year ago and how it is looking now.

 photo master bedroom 01_zps1adfdwgs.jpg

 photo master bedroom 03_zpsqvhplo8t.jpg

 photo master bedroom 05_zpslejwiy7d.jpg

 photo our room 01_zpslior8io8.jpg

 photo our room 02_zpsavpa1koe.jpg

 photo our room 03_zpsptskfuhc.jpg

What we've done:
- painted all of the woodwork (still need to roll the doors!)
- painted the walls
- hung artwork
- bought new lamps
- bought new bedding
- installed a new copper light fitting (two fruit bowls from Kmart!)
- accesorised

What we plan to do:
- paint the closet doors
- switch the door with the window in it for a plain door
- hang two floor length mirrors on either side of the drawers (I have them but want to frame them out to make jewellery storage behind them)
- get a couple of decorative cushions
- change the skirts on the nightstands to white (or buy new nightstands)
- change the headboard to a padded white faux leather tufted one (DIY)

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