11 December 2016

Abraham Derby Roses

Rose 3

Rose 2

Rose 1

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10 December 2016


Poppies 1

Poppies 2

Poppies 3

Poppies 4

Poppies 5

Poppies 6

Poppies 7

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9 December 2016

Marigolds after the rain

Marigold after the rain 4

Marigold after the rain 3

Marigold after the rain 2

Marigold after the rain 1

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4 December 2016

On a walk

On a walk 01

On a walk 02

On a walk 03

On a walk 04

On a walk 05

On a walk 06

On a walk 07

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2 December 2016

2016 Books - November

I read 4 books this month.

If a book makes it to this list on my blog, you can assume I enjoyed and would recommend it (unless otherwise noted) - if I'm not enjoying a book, I stop reading it and move onto the next one. Life's too short and there are too many great books in the world to waste time reading ones that I don't enjoy! (Contains affiliate links.)   

Rebellious Heart - Jody Hedlund

The Woman Who Stole My Life - Marian Keyes

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade - Diana Gabaldon

No Distance Too Far (Home to Blessing 2) - Lauraine Snelling

Here is a video in which I talk about the books (click here if the video below doesn't show):

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30 November 2016

Guest house kitchen and bathroom reveal

We've been working on the guest house ever since we moved in. It is half of the garage and I will do a full reveal of the living area once it is finished, but we have finally completed the kitchen and bathroom and I wanted to share that today.

This is what we started with. There was an old lean-to alongside the garage / guest house to be, with rotting timbers and slimy plastic.

 photo extension before 01_zpslqj4d9rg.jpg

We removed two-thirds of the lean to (the remaining part will become my greenhouse), installed a window in the guest house, and cut a doorway (covered with plywood on the right). The green shadecloth box contains a toilet, which was within the old lean to:

 photo extension before 03_zpsotxoowvf.jpg

We had builders come and frame out and pour a concrete pad.

 photo extension before 02_zpsgo2hoho3.jpg

You can see in the picture below that the earth was higher than the concrete pad - that all had to be dug out,which we did by hand (no machinery).

 photo extension before 05_zps0uzkadv5.jpg

The reason for the concrete pad? This little utility building which we bought online and had transported to us.

 photo extension before 04_zpsy90wyse7.jpg

The inside contained a hot water tank (removed - we later connected to our own gas heated hot water supply), a shelf and sink, and a toilet and shower (through that door):

 photo extension before 06_zpsee9wttdi.jpg

 photo extension before 07_zpsylyw0drj.jpg

On the left is where the hot water tank stood:

 photo extension before 08_zpssgyx32fc.jpg

Where the toilet was:

 photo extension before 09_zpsokw1rdyq.jpg

The shower:

 photo extension before 10_zps5dsmjqan.jpg

 photo extension before 11_zpsshgddwcj.jpg

We sited the building on the concrete pad and the builders joined it to the guest house, which extended it. You can see it in the video below, and here's a photo.

 photo extension before 12_zpsbbnfdrbk.jpg

Then began the work of stripping it, insulating, plumbing, electrics, lining, stopping, priming, painting, flooring, installing the bathroom and kitchen, and decorating. We are so thrilled with how it all came together! Here is how it looks now.

 photo extension 01_zpsxmst808u.jpg

 photo extension 02_zpsi8rabdw7.jpg

 photo extension 03_zpsqdqfe0nm.jpg

 photo extension 04_zpsu4bxzae9.jpg

 photo extension 05_zpsuecg7ssw.jpg

 photo extension 06_zpsrqgficin.jpg

 photo extension 07_zpssmoccrkq.jpg

 photo extension 08_zpszimm1o2x.jpg

 photo extension 09_zpsdxqvjwiu.jpg

We added a small basin opposite the sink.

 photo extension 10_zpsaompq4k4.jpg

 photo extension 11_zpsucvwhqkp.jpg

 photo extension 12_zpsxj4qhimm.jpg

 photo extension 13_zpsvpvd7nbh.jpg

 photo extension 14_zpsio7chtww.jpg

 photo extension 15_zpsbvgmugr5.jpg

 photo extension 16_zpsiwkus5ht.jpg

 photo extension 17_zpsxdgf8jnv.jpg

 photo extension 18_zpsdu7ewugr.jpg

 photo extension 19_zpseioyrzda.jpg

 photo extension 20_zpsyww2lzlt.jpg

 photo extension 21_zpsrbff2cx8.jpg

 photo extension 22_zpsdrsmweac.jpg

We do plan to add a door to the bathroom area, and a sliding door to the main living area.

And because everyone loves a before-and-after:

  photo extension ba 01_zpsx1jznklz.jpg

 photo extension ba 02_zpssgdippjd.jpg

 photo extension ba 03_zpsnbt34fbp.jpg

 photo extension ba 04_zps1zbb24ve.jpg

If you'd like to see a video showing little clips of before, during, and then the reveal here it is (if you don't see it embedded below you'll need to click here to see it.)

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