24 April 2015

Fashion Friday - tweed maxi skirt 4 ways

A few outfits from the archives showing one brown tweed maxi skirt styled 4 different ways. This skirt was from the Next outlet store.

 photo Tweed skirt 4 ways 2_zpssbhpg195.jpg

 photo Tweed skirt 4 ways 1_zpsu3olewrq.jpg

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22 April 2015

Organising = anticipating needs

Sometimes people say to me, "You're so organised!" in a tone that makes it sound like I should apologise. Not sure why they say it quite like that, but it's usually said when I've done something that really isn't all that special - I've just thought ahead.

That's one of the keys to being organised: it's simply anticipating needs.

For example, if we are going to an ice cream place and there are little children with us and it's a hot day, I can anticipate that the ice cream will end up dripping down little hands and arms and making a sticky mess. So I'll pack a plastic container with a few damp cloths in it, for easy cleanup.

If I know that my dear son forgets to let me know about shared lunches at school until the last minute, I can keep a pack of frozen sausage rolls in the freezer at all times so I have something quick to prepare in an emergency.

If I know that I'll be hanging washing outside in sunny weather, I can keep a spare pair of sunglasses in my basket of clothes pegs, as I'll need them at that time (I can't tolerate bright sunlight without them).

Just thinking ahead and anticipating needs and then putting measures in place to meet those needs will make you seem super organised - and make your life a whole lot easier too!

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20 April 2015

Great things

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."
- Vincent van Gogh

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18 April 2015

Daily vlogging

I've been doing some vlogging this week, so if you like day-in-the-life type videos then here are three. (If the embedded videos aren't showing up then click here to go to my YouTube channel and see them there.)

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17 April 2015

Fashion Friday

I wore this outfit to church. Perfect colours for the autumn weather we are enjoying.

 photo Rust short skirt 01_zpsp4trj6cj.jpg

 photo Rust short skirt 02_zps4wkz1el4.jpg

 photo heels04.jpg

Cardigan: thrifted (SaveMart)
Cream cami: Marks and Spencer
Skirt: thrifted (SaveMart)
Shoes: eBay (new)
Necklace: can't remember
Earrings: gift from my sister Susan when I left SA

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15 April 2015

Horses riding and visiting Daisy

On the weekend we decided to go horse riding. It was the boys' first time riding and they thoroughly enjoyed it, and they did so well!

(First, I'll apologise for the photo quality. I just didn't want to lug my DSLR with so I just used my phone.)

Daisy's new home is near the horse riding place, so we popped in to see her. She was SO excited to see us!! My baby is all grown up now and seems mega happy in her new home. It was lovely to spend time with her.

 photo horse riding and daisy 01_zpse2yxcs5k.jpg

After playing with her for a bit we headed to the trail riding place. We were quite early so we had a picnic lunch and then hung about chatting and looking at the horses.

 photo horse riding and daisy 02_zpscfhoevid.jpg

 photo horse riding and daisy 03_zpskjfjgndx.jpg

 photo horse riding and daisy 04_zpsua8nfung.jpg

Then it was our turn to ride. We were given helmets and each assigned a horse.

 photo horse riding and daisy 05_zpsamro7v0e.jpg

 photo horse riding and daisy 08_zpsj0j4tcfp.jpg

This is the horse I rode - her name is Roxy.

 photo horse riding and daisy 06_zpsd4amokyh.jpg

 photo horse riding and daisy 07_zpswboccbvr.jpg

 photo horse riding and daisy 10_zpsqie8zfu9.jpg

The trails were quite steep up- and down-hill at times but very enjoyable. There were sections where you could canter if you wanted to. We all really enjoyed it.

 photo horse riding and daisy 16_zps2swncg0s.jpg

Noah's horse is called Coffee.

 photo horse riding and daisy 11_zps8fxkfmos.jpg

Grant was riding Dodge and Daniel was on Spirit.

 photo horse riding and daisy 12_zpsborbtnas.jpg

 photo horse riding and daisy 13_zpscdkjuxtm.jpg
 photo horse riding and daisy 09_zpsljvahrlx.jpg

We had some amazing views along the way.

 photo horse riding and daisy 15_zps0hegxeta.jpg

 photo horse riding and daisy 14_zpsitdnxjka.jpg

 photo horse riding and daisy 17_zpshq8rxrnl.jpg

 photo horse riding and daisy 18_zpsoleavdwf.jpg

 photo horse riding and daisy 19_zpslrwlf8dw.jpg

When we got back I dismounted but when my feet hit the ground my legs were like jelly and I just crumpled until I was in a heap on the ground - awkward! It's so weird trying to walk after working your legs in the saddle for two hours.

Here is a video of clips from the day, including our laughing fit at the end of it - we found something on TV funny but then couldn't stop laughing as we just kept laughing at each other :) If the embedded video is not showing up, click here to go directly to it.

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13 April 2015

2014 slideshow

I forgot to share my 2014 photo slideshow. I do one every year - here it is.

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11 April 2015

Beanboozled challenge

Grant, Daniel and Noah eating the Jelly Belly Beanboozled jellybeans. Some taste good, some do not!

 photo 3865-lr_3_bean-boozled-jelly-beans-game_zpsqqeucvfe.jpg

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10 April 2015

Fashion Friday

I wore this outfit to church.

 photo Teal patterned skirt 01_zps4i1mrgef.jpg

 photo Teal patterned skirt 02_zpsarhexhiy.jpg

 photo sandals04.jpg

Cardigan: thrifted
White top: Tesco
Skirt: thrifted
Necklace: gift from Grant
Earrings: gift from my friends Rachel, Sue, and Liz
Shoes: eBay (New Look brand)

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8 April 2015

Five random facts about me

1) I'm one of the most risk averse people you will ever meet ... and yet I have twice moved to a country I'd never even visited. (And I don't regret a thing.)

 photo risk_zpstq0nd9et.jpg

2) I've never been a bridesmaid, although I always wanted to be one. This is what happens when you and your friends leave your homeland and go and live in different countries, and then you can't afford to visit when their weddings roll around.

 photo bridesmaid_zpsoub1oljj.jpg

3) When we are out and about and I see people taking photos of each other I always offer to take a photo of them together. I've never been turned down, and the way it makes them so happy always makes me happy :)

 photo photo_zps8xymmdjr.jpg

4) I have flat eyeballs. Well, not completely flat, obviously, but when I used to wear contact lenses I had to have them ordered in specially because of how shallow the curve of my eyeballs are.

 photo contacts_zpsksbo7wro.jpg

5) I absolutely cannot bear it when people put on fake accents. It makes me cringe so bad. Unless the accent is perfect, I just can't stand to hear it. Kind of ironic since my own accent is a hot mess hybrid of South African, British, and New Zealand.

 photo accent_zpsb1bajj0g.jpg

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