26 September 2016

Blurb book offer

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Do you have a Blurb book ready to order? You can't beat an offer like this - 35% off all orders with code COOKBOOK35 at Blurb

Offer valid through September 27, 2016 (11:59 p.m. local time). Valid for books made by you only. A 35% discount is applied toward your product total with no minimum order. The maximum discount is $500 off (USD), $500 off (CAD), $500 off (AUD), 500€ off (EUR), £500 off (GBP) your product total. This offer is good for five uses, and cannot be combined with volume discounts, custom orders, other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders.

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17 September 2016

First signs of spring

Daphne 1

Daphne 2

Plum blossoms 1








Plum blossoms 2

Plum blossoms 3


Apple tree


New leaves


New leaf buds

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3 September 2016

Fresh jams

I thought I'd share my jamicures in one post a month instead of each time I do them. These are the ones I wore and photographed in September / August (there was one I didn't photograph in August as I wasn't well).

Botanical Bliss (exclusive) with a consultant kit exclusive accent:

 photo jamicure 01_zpsm3xvgmy4.jpg

Mermaid Tales - this one was my favourite in September:

 photo jamicure 02_zpsvrgitmlu.jpg

Ribbon Dance - a retired wrap, no longer available:

 photo jamicure 03_zpsmlmvnuyt.jpg

Countryside with Country Club accent.

 photo August Jamicures 01_zps8lkmtqlm.jpg

Perennial Blue (a Sisters' Style Exclusive for August) with Gatsby accent - this jamicure was my favourite in August, I got so many compliments on it.

 photo jamicure 04_zpsfo9efy5k.jpg

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2 September 2016

Why Your Grandmother Was Right about Broth

This is a sponsored post with text provided.

No matter where you are from, you are likely to remember your grandmother telling you to have a nice bowl of chicken soup or beef broth when you were feeling under the weather. It doesn’t matter whether you are two years old or twenty or ninety-two, the advice still holds true; many people report feeling a fever lift and strength return even amid the nastiest cold or flu after a cup of chicken soup. Nowadays, many people feel it is healthy to limit the consumption of animal-based products, and while it is true that steak or burgers should not be eaten in excess, your grandmother was right about broth.

A Better, Healthier Broth 
Your vegan friends may swear by their miso soup, and more power to them, but meat and chicken, when consumed in moderation, can still provide a higher concentration of iron and other minerals than plant-based foods. Broth is to meat what juice is to fruit and vegetables—it packs in vitamins and minerals in a more concentrated form. If you are refraining from meat because you have heard it isn’t so healthy, have ethical and ecological considerations or for economic reasons, broth is the best way to enjoy the benefits of meat without the guilt or waste.

If you consume beef or chicken broth, you do not need to eat meat in large quantities, and the broth and soup contain proteins and nutrients in a concentrated form. You go to a juice bar to get the benefits from vegetables in a highly concentrated form, and the same can be true of meat through eating soup or drinking broth. If you purchase organic broth made without preservatives and artificial flavors from compassionately-raised, grain or grass fed animals, you can feel good knowing that you are protecting the environment and showing concern for other creatures. Au Bon broth products are organic, compassionately raised and made without artificial ingredients.

The Benefits of Broth 
Since broth is made of bones, it shouldn’t be that surprising that it provides major benefits to joints and can promote bone health. Those who suffer from arthritis or inflammation of the joints have reported that broth can help ease their symptoms. Broth helps build up the bones and has collagen that adds luster to your nails and skin. Collagen is the material that allows cells to cohere properly. Collagen is contained in the bones that make broth and helps rebuild cells.

There is a host of other benefits provided by broth. First of all, your grandmother was right about chicken soup being an effective medicine for colds and flu, but you probably knew that from personal experience, like many people. Broth has anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight infection. It is chocked full of amino acids that are the building blocks of the human body and repair every cell. Broth also has anti-oxidant properties that eliminate free radicals that build up in the body as the result of stress, pollution, and unhealthy habits. Broth is so good for your body, you may wonder why you haven’t been eating it every day.

Broth Is a Chef’s Best Friend 
Like most people, you may be wondering what to make for dinner. If you have chicken or beef broth handy, you always have ideas ready at your fingertips. You can make a tasty rice pilaf or couscous with chicken soup. Prepare a chicken pot pie or make mulligatawny soup with beef broth, meat, and curry. Everybody loves a nice beef stew with rolls or biscuits. Soup and broth are versatile and can add flavor and nutrition to any dinner. Experiment to see what you can do with some extra chicken broth or beef soup for your next meal or party.

Food fads come and go, but one thing is clear—soup and broth are here to stay. This food staple not only helps you dress up any meal with extra flavor, but is packed with health benefits as well. In addition to its famed properties for treating colds and flu, chicken and beef soup and broth can fight infections, help treat bone problems and has anti-inflammatory properties. Broth can make your nails shinier, your skin clearer and make you feel healthy and strong because it contains amino acids that replace damaged cells in the body. Broth rejuvenates you and makes you feel at home. It is a part of a happy and healthy childhood and broth can enhance your diet as an adult, as well.

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1 September 2016

2016 Books - August

I read 5 books this month.

If a book makes it to this list on my blog, you can assume I enjoyed and would recommend it (unless otherwise noted) - if I'm not enjoying a book, I stop reading it and move onto the next one. Life's too short and there are too many great books in the world to waste time reading ones that I don't enjoy! (Contains affiliate links.) 

Pearl (Dakotah Treasures 2) - Lauraine Snelling

The Scottish Prisoner - Diana Gabaldon

The Royal We - Heather Cocks

A Whiff of Scandal - Carole Matthews

The Love of a Lifetime - Melissa Hill

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27 August 2016

Blurb book offer

Here's something you can go wild about—Blurb's 35% off Get Out and About Sale! Now through August 30th you can save on books you create when you use the code WILD35 at Blurb.com. Here are the details:

Offer: Get Out and About Sale - 35% off orders
Valid: 8/26 through 8/30
Code: WILD35

35% off all orders at Blurb

I really should get out and about and take some photos to share here, although with the stormy weather we're having I'm probably better off staying in and finishing my Blurb book so that I can take advantage of the great discount myself!

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6 August 2016

Being a Jamberry independent consultant

As promised, here is part two of my Jamberry posts (part one is here). In this video I talk about working as a consultant, and again I've summarised the video in the post below.

The first point I wanted to cover was the myth that some people believe, and that is that direct sales is a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are actually illegal and Jamberry wouldn't be spreading to different countries if it was one. Also, in a pyramid scheme you get some bigwigs at the top who are sitting on their bums getting rich from everyone beneath them, and not having to do any work. Jamberry is not like that; to gain the benefits and commission and bonuses from your downline you have to work as hard as them. Plus your downline only goes 3 generations deep.

 photo Opportunity 01_zpsi8gfasrl.jpg

Okay, having got that out of the way, let's move onto what it is like to work in direct sales. I never ever believed I would be doing this. Me, in direct sales? No way! I thought you had to be an extrovert, to be pushy and salesy to succeed in sales. NOPE! This could not be further from the truth.

As an introvert one of my strengths is making connections with people and forming relationships. That is what makes me successful as a Jamberry consultant. For me it's about the relationships - with my hostesses, with party guests, and especially with my team. Each person matters to me. That is why there is definitely a place for introverts in direct sales.

There are a few different ways to approach the opportunity of signing up as a Jamberry independent consultant, and shades of grey between them.

Option 1 - sign up, get your kit, enjoy all of the goodies in it (it's a bargain) and get a discount on your own (and friends' if you want) orders for a year. If you achieve 600PRV (personal retail volume) in a year then you get another year, and so it goes. Now 600PRV is a pretty achievable goal - my PRV for one month (July) was over 800.

Option 2 - sign up, get your kit, and all of the goodies in it enables you to share Jamberry at parties, whether in home or online. Your hostess earns rewards (which come from Jamberry, not from you), and you earn commission on all of the sales. A great way of earning a few extra hundred dollars a month.

 photo Opportunity 03_zps2plf5cdt.jpg

Option 3 - sign up, get your kit, aim to meet the Fast Start goals (which are designed to help you establish and grow your business), build your team, and make a career out of it. The earning potential is phenomenal, it really is. But the way to build wealth is to build and care for your team. It is a lot of work but it doesn't feel like work - I'm having so much fun I've had to set working hours so I know when to stop! And I forget I'm getting paid.

 photo Opportunity 05_zpsf9pyjwm3.jpg

Speaking of, we get paid 5 times a month. Yup, you read that correctly! Every Friday we are paid, and we get a bonus on the 10th.

As far as actually selling, the product sells itself. I'm not selling, I'm simply sharing the features and benefits of it and let people make their own minds up. Who wouldn't want to wear it? Who wouldn't want to book a party when it's so much fun and earns the hostess generous rewards?

 photo Opportunity 06_zpsikngjxx2.jpg

One of the reasons I was initially reluctant to sign up was that I don't like public speaking and wasn't keen on doing in home parties. Turns out it's not like public speaking at all, and it's fun to share something I'm enthusiastic about (Jamberry) and see everyone else's excitement too.

I love that we have so much support. I am there for my team every step of the way and help them as much as I can. And my upline is there for me too. Beyond them, I am in a few Facebook closed groups and the support, camaraderie and sense of sisterhood with the other consultants is just fantastic. We all share experiences, ideas, ask and answer questions, and support each other.

 photo Opportunity 04_zpssvilkik4.jpg

There is also extensive training provided by Jamberry but it is all optional and on your own terms. Want to learn? There are tons of resources. Want to just do your thing and not have to dig into the info? That's fine too!

Being an independent consultant really means that -  you are totally independent. You run your Jamberry business or hobby exactly how you want to, there are no targets to meet or expectations or compulsory meetings. It's all on your terms. And no matter what you intend when you initially start up, you can switch your approach at any time. For example if you start up as a hobbyist but later decide to do parties, that's fine, you can do that. If you start out all gung ho and want to make a career of it but later decide to pull back and just be a hobbyist, that's fine too. It's totally up to you.

The first point mentioned below only applies if you have a downline and want to earn a percentage of their sales; it is not a mandatory requirement.

 photo Opportunity 02_zpsgnb3y4x3.jpg

We have an amazing workstation online in which to manage our Jamberry stuff, like parties, our team, our purchases, etc. It is fantastic and so functional and easy to navigate. We also have the option of paying a small fee for an online store - it is so worth the nominal amount plus it's free for your first three months while you get going. The website means that my friends in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand can go online, shop for Jamberry, have it shipped locally to them, and I still get a commission on the sale. You can see my website here.

Speaking of commission, I think it's pretty generous. It's very carefully worked out to be fair across all markets, and the amount of commission in New Zealand is around 25% (we earn more on top of that too). In the US and UK it's 30%, I'm not sure of Australia and Canada. Per in home party, which lasts around an hour and a half to two hours, I usually end up earning around $100-$150 in commission. Not bad, is it?

 photo Opportunity 08_zpsgctyxpxh.jpg

Jamberry is super generous with hostesses, and with consultants too. We even earn marketing credit as we earn commission, so that when it's time to get new catalogues or samples or other bits and pieces to run our business, we  can purchase them with credit earned and it's not coming out of our pockets.

I love that there is nothing else like Jamberry out there, it is unique and it is for everyone! The fact that it is a consumable keeps my customers coming back for more, which makes my job easier. I also appreciate that it's a small product - I have one box that I take to parties and in it is everything I need to do a show-and-tell. Super easy and convenient!

Starting up with Jamberry was easy because it is a small outlay. Besides being a great deal on all of the goodies that you receive, it is a small amount of money to spend to start up a business, especially one with the earning potential of Jamberry. You can even earn a discount on your kit by hosting a party! Or purchase your kit and do your party as your launch party - not as scary as it sounds, a launch party simply means getting a few friends / family together, showing them what Jamberry is, and letting them know that this is what you do now. Easy as, and if they order products (why wouldn't they?) you will very quickly earn back your kit price in commission.

 photo Opportunity 09_zpspjoumfld.jpg

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please get in touch with me vie email (in contact section of my blog) or through my Jamberry Facebook page and we can chat about it. No pressure, no pushing, I just want to provide information and answer your questions so you can decide for yourself if you'd like to go ahead. I'd love to hear from you!  If you've already made up your mind you are welcome to join my team HERE. (If you live in Canada please contact me before signing up.)

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5 August 2016

What is Jamberry?

In April I signed up as Jamberry independent consultant. You have seen bits and pieces here on my blog, Instagram, and Facebook, and for those of you who watch my vlogs you'll have heard me mention it here and there. But I've never actually sat and talked about it. I've just done so in two videos - this one and another one coming soon.

But for those of you who don't want to or can't watch the video, I thought I'd summarise it in this blog post.

So what is Jamberry? It's a direct sales company, which means that you hear about and purchase the product from independent consultants like myself. Other direct sales companies you might be familiar with are Tupperware, Nutrimetics, Scentsy, and Pampered Chef. Direct sales companies are not pyramid schemes (which are illegal!), for reasons I talk about in my video.

The product that Jamberry is most known for are our vinyl nail wraps. They are these amazing vinyl shields that you apply to the nail with heat and pressure (see my application video here) and they last on fingernails for up to two weeks and on toenails for up to 6 weeks - I recently removed a Jamberry pedicure that had been on my toenails for 6 and a half weeks and still looked great; I only removed it because my toenails had grown and I wanted to cut them, and there was a gap between the base of the wrap and my cuticle because of the growth. That's pretty amazing for a pedicure you can do at home!

 photo jamberry post 03_zps6oixv3ur.jpg

There is NO dry time and no chipping. The no dry time thing is my favourite - you can go about your day immediately after doing your nails and not worry about them smudging.

 photo jamberry post 02_zpsotdih7z2.jpg

They are also cheaper than salon manis and pedis - each sheet costs NZ$24 / US$15 / CA$17.50 / AU$22 / £15 and will yield two full manicures, two full pedicures, and at least 8 accent nails. PLUS they are buy-3-get-1-free, which brings the cost per mani / pedi down even further. Bargain!

 photo jamberry post 01_zps6ms3yjuh.jpg

So they last so well on the nails, which might bring up a couple of questions: what exactly is in them (are they toxic?) and how do you get them off? To answer the first question, they are non toxic and have none of the 5 top cancer causing chemicals that are found in nail polish (Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutylphthalate (DBP), Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin); they are vegan and cruelty free, gluten free, latex free, and made in the USA. They are safe for use on children as no harmful chemicals will enter the bloodstream the same way as happens with nail polish.

As for how to safely remove them without damaging your nails, I made a video showing just how quick and easy it is. You can see it here.

So you might be loving the patterns and designs, or you might be put off by them and prefer plain nails - look no further! With over 300 designs including solids and very subtle patterns, transparent lacy detail or bold and bright prints, in finishes like glossy, matte, sparkle, metallic, and a mix of the above, there really is something for everyone. There is even a juniors range, designed for little fingers! Here you can see how a sheet of junior wraps compares to a sheet of adult wraps.

 photo jamberry post 04_zpslymfm0g6.jpg

I'm actually wearing the above wraps, called Ribbon Dance, right now, here is how they look on.

 photo jamicure 03_zpsfnbctglh.jpg

Have you ever tried Jamberry nail wraps? I would love to send you a free sample to give them a whirl! No hard sell, no strings attached, I just want to see what you think. You can find my email address on the contact page of my blog - drop me an email with your address and I'll pop a sample into the post for you to try (offer open to US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand residents).

 photo jamberry post 05_zps25vngu5e.jpg

So is Jamberry just about nail wraps? Nope! We also have the tools that make it easy to apply your wraps. Our mini heater is silent, compact, the perfect temperature, doesn't blow everywhere, and has a velvet grill so you (or your little ones) won't get burnt should you touch it. Did I mention SILENT? You can do your mani while you are watching a movie and it won't disturb anyone. Of course you can just use your hair dryer, but the heater makes things so much easier and more convenient, as does our application kit. It contains a buffer, file, scissors, rubber cuticle pusher, nail prep wipes, and orange sticks and all of that comes in a pouch that can also hold your heater and sheets of wraps - how convenient!

 photo jamberry post 06_zpsveginrkk.jpg

Besides the above we also have hand care products like our Nourish hand creme (which I featured in my June Faves and Fails video as a favourite because I love it so much), and Indulgence pamper kit; and for those of you who just like to paint their nails we have lacquers. These are also 5 free and they are more opaque than regular polish, dry quicker, and last longer.

Speaking of lasting longer, if you are into gel nails you can do your own with the Trushine gel enamel system, which includes the LED UV lamp, nail prep goodies, base coat, top coat, and a colour - and of course there are more colours to purchase, and you can buy the gel system bits separately. Here is a gel manicure I did using the kit - this colour is called Black Cherry. And yes, the gels are also 5 free.

 photo Black Cherry 01 copy_zpsfhjubryc.jpg

Okay, so that is a whole lot of info about the wonderful Jamberry products, I'll be doing a post and video soon about what it's like working as a consultant, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here are a few more "jamicures" that I've been wearing lately, and if you would like to check out the products please feel free to browse my Jamberry website, which you can find HERE. For up to date news and offers please Like my Jamberry Facebook page here, and if you want the inside scoop with sneak peeks and a chance to win little giveaways and first option on special offers join my VIP closed group here.

Botanical Bliss (Mother's Day exclusive) with consultant exclusive:

 photo jamicure 01_zpsomz7uo14.jpg

Mermaid Tales:

 photo jamicure 02_zpsmtvpmj1k.jpg

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