18 July 2006

There will be none of that here

Daniel came downstairs while I was finishing up Joe's session so I quickly took a couple of pics of him. He sat there and went, "Cheese!" and I flipped out. I was like, "There will be no "cheese" in this house!" I really try not to take sit-and-say-cheese pictures ... I want the portraits to be natural and show the subject for who they are. I don't even know where he learnt that from! Anyway, I was teasing him and made him laugh and got a couple of nice, natural shots. Here you can see the difference between the "cheese" smile and his natural smile. I know which one I prefer.

Oh, and the hair? Grant always nags me to buzz Daniel's hair. I really don't like how he looks with such short hair, but in the spirit of compromise I do it every so often.

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