11 October 2006

Time for some piccies

The office area is almost done! (Almost ... is anything in this house completely done? That would be "No.") We put the worktop in last night and put the kitchen worktops on the floor, half under the table, as we'll be installing them this week. What still needs to be done in office area:
- Move the three pictures a bit lower
- buy, stain and install muolding strip below wall cabinets
- buy and install 3 under-cabinet lights - one in middle and one at either end
- fit the pulls to the drawer and base unit doors

Close-up of the worktop: blocked walnut from Wickes.

Bathroom shelf and grouted tiles - tada!!

As previously posted I would love to buy these candlesticks for the bathroom shelf, but since they are quite pricey and money is tight I've just used a couple of holders I had. They were a copper colour but I sprayed them black.

New radiator - excuse our old ratty towels. I can't wait to buy new ones! The newest towels we currently own are 5 years old and the oldest are going on 11 - they were wedding presents! Oh, and they are all mismatched: some are navy, some are grubby white, some are green, one is light blue. You can also see the top row of tiles still has to be done, ditto caulking the coving and there's a bit of tile missing by the skirting board.

This is what the doorframe looks like right now. Because we are putting in a bi-fold door we had to remove the doorjamb. We'll need to borrow a big belt sander from someone to smooth off the roughness that chiseling left.

Gratuitous pics of tired-but-won't-nap toddler:

"Hey, what are you taking pics of?"

"Here, I'll pose for you."

This week we are tackling the kitchen (as well as finishing the bathroom). Grant has removed most of the wall cabinets and I started removing tiles. He has leave tomorrow and Thursday and we're hoping to get most of the work done. We can't afford to buy our ceramic hob yet so we'll be getting a little 2-plate portable stove thing in the meantime and we've decided to use the oven that is currently in the kitchen because it's quite new and will do fine. It only had one shelf inside, which was a pain, but I got another one on eBay for £15. The fridge is also going to have to wait; we'll keep using this one (which is horrible and too small). Here's how the kitchen looks now:

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