16 March 2007


Spring: Magnolias are blooming and today I saw the first tulips (my favourite flower). The weather is so changeable but slowly getting milder.

Frogs: Grant dug over and leveled the end of the garden and planted grass seeds and since there is no more mud left the frogs have gone. Oh, except for Daniel's find: "Mommy! This is bad news! Behind the cabin are three frogs!" Three, I can handle.

Sense of smell: Coming back, about 80% there, I think. I have been experiencing some weird phantom smells (e.g. trodden-in dog poo, even when there's none nearby) and tastes (an odd flavour / smell in the mornings) which is bizarre. A lot of things smell or taste quite chemical, and some things will suddenly smell far too strong, far stronger than they normally would, and then it's gone.

House: We still have to finish up odds and ends before we can put the house on the market, but we seem to have no time / motivation to do the fiddly little things like finishing the kitchen plinths, caulking in the bathroom, final coat of paint on half the kitchen splashback, etc.

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