3 May 2007

Back at it

I don't know what it is ... maybe the sunny spring weather, maybe the sleep deprivation (Noah's been waking us every night with his wheezing and coughing) ... but I've got the DIY itch again and there's no stopping me.

In our bedroom I tackled the ceiling of the bay window.

Once I began removing the polystyrene tiles, I realised that they were stuck to more polystyrene tiles, which were stuck to woodchip, which was stuck to textuerd wallpaper ... which was stuck to the original plasterboard.

What a job trying to peel the layers apart ... until I realised that if I got my tool under the original wallpaper then the whole lot peeled off in one go! I've done most of the ceiling there, but can't continue until we've bought the new curtain pole, as I have to remove the curtain rail and batten it's attached to before I can carry on. But already it looks so much better.

I then moved onto the landing and began stripping wallpaper. The bottom bit stripped off fine - it was just lining paper over Artex - but the top part proved more difficult and tedious and I was chipping the Artex which, being as old as it is, may contain asbestos, so I called it a day. I think we'll just repaper over that wall with textured paper, and paint. I've picked out some swatches of steel blue and tried out a tester but it's too dark - need to go lighter.

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