31 May 2007

The little rosebush that could

Last year this rose bush wasn't even a bush, it was a couple of scraggly twigs with leaves on. It produced 2 roses. It was looking leggy and twiggy so this spring I did a Google search to find out how to correctly prune it, and went for it with my secateurs. I didn't even do a lot, just a few cuts here and there where it was stretching out.

To my delight, it has already produced two roses and has ... wait for it ... FORTY-FOUR (44) buds! Wow! Who knew this little plant had it in her?

The roses are a deep raspberry colour, almost hot pink, so they are very difficult to photograph because red/pink/orange/yellow are the first colours to go nuclear in digital photography. They look quite red here, but it's more cerise in real life.

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