28 May 2007

Toothless wonder

Today Daniel's tooth fell out at church. He wasn't expecting it and got a huge shock. He cried for ages and even after he calmed down he was as white as a sheet! Silly boy. But I was the same when I was growing up - anytime anything new happened in my body it freaked me out. And I remember that kind of gritty crunch and then the vacancy when a tooth came out - horrid!

So tonight the Tooth Fairy will be visiting. We made the mistake of saying she brings £1 - forgetting that there are 22 teeth! Thank goodness they don't all come out at once.

In South Africa when we lost a tooth we'd put it into our slipper and the Tooth Mouse would come and take it and leave some money. Here in England it's the Tooth Fairy and the tooth is to be left under the pillow for her to find. We've decided to merge our tradition with that of the British Tooth Fairy and have Daniel leave his tooth in his slipper for her to find ... of course, it makes it that much easier for us to find, haha!

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