4 July 2007

Paper doll

Today I wallpapered a wall in the living room - Grant was surprised and quite impressed when he got home. He had done a great job of filling in that random window, but because the light comes in from the side you could still see unevenness on the wall after we'd painted. So I went and bought a textured wallpaper and set to work. It was really easy as I'd bought the type of wallpaper where you paste the wall and then slide the paper on. We need to paint it now ... we've been debating painting it green, darker tan or the same colour as the rest of the room - I think we've decided on the same colour. Oh, and it worked a treat - you can't see any unevenness on the wall now.

Not sure if you can see the texture here properly - it's like a distrssed plaster texture.

I also bought new curtains today, love them - will post pics tomorrow when it's light. Can't wait to have the pictures printed and framed for the walls, but am going to have to as we're sticking to our budget this month and they will be quite pricey.

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