12 October 2007

Daniel as a skeleton

Daniel came home with a note recently, informing us that he needed a skeleton costume for a storybook day they were having at school. His class has been reading Funnybones books and studying the human bone structure, hence the theme of skeletons.

Daniel cheerfully informed me, "My teacher said Sainsbury's has skeleton costumes."
Me: "I'm sure they do - is she going to pay for it?"

Ugh. Anyway, while in Morrisons I saw a nice skeleton costume for £6. I tried to judge size - they had ages 5-6 and 6-7 and I held both up, trying to picture how they would fit my almost-six-year-old. After much deliberation I chose the 5-6 one and bought it.

Of course it was too small. Well, okay, it did fit him, and I don't think he even minded the fact that it was riding up his crack, but there wasn't much room under it for any clothes and certainly no room for growth. Grant took it back to Morrisons but they didn't have any more size 6-7. Naturally.

I took a trip to Asda later and had a look at their skeleton costumes. (Thank goodness it's Halloween time!) Anyway, I didn't really like theirs as they had little streaks of blood red on the fake bones here and there, but time was running out and beggars can't be choosers. At £7 they were more expensive than Morrisons. They only had ages 5-6 and 7-8, but no 6-7. Having already determined that 5-6 is too small for my long boy, I bought 7-8.

Of course it was too big. Feeling exasperated and more like Goldilocks every minute, I sent Grant off to Sainsbury's to have a look at their costumes. He came home with a skeleton costume, costing £8, in age 5-7. Complete with gloves, a mask and spooky grey fabric cobwebby bits, it was a big hit - and more importantly, it fit perfectly. Thank goodness!

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