22 November 2007

Daniel's new reward chart

An idea that came to me as I woke up one morning.

I was tired of constantly printing out new sticker charts for Daniel, and buying new stickers. So I bought a cheap metal pie tin, drilled a hole to tie a ribbon through, and created a little chart on front which says "Daniel is making good choices" and has 20 little dinosaur pictures in black and white.

Then I made 20 marble magnets of the same dinosaur pictures that I had coloured in in Photoshop. The magnets sit in the back of the pie dish and as Daniel earns them he gets to transfer one to the front and match it up with the black and white version, placing the magnet on top. When his chart is full and all of the magnets are on the front he will get his reward. Then all the magnets get moved to the back again and he starts all over.

You can see how well he's been doing

The back

P.S. I now have a circle punch the right size!

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