10 November 2007

Some things just never get old

I just never tire of some jokes, lame as they are. It's like a habit I can't break. Whenever Daniel says to me, "Can you put my socks/shoes/jumper on please," the only possible answer is, "But it/they won't fit me." Which always prompts Daniel to exasperatedly say, "On ME!"

I mean, after all, he is almost six years old and doesn't really require help with dressing, now does he?

And when he goes to Grant and says, "Please will you/can I [whatever]," Grant cannot resist saying, "Police? I am the police!" Which always prompts Daniel to exasperatedly say, "I said 'PLEASE'!"

Okay, there's really no excuse for teasing him there, as he did say 'please' very nicely. But hey! Grant is the police now! It makes a change from him saying, "Police? You want me to call the police?" like he used to!

Ha ha ha, there's nothing like teasing a child. What tired jokes do you find you cannot stop making? How do you tease your children mercilessly?

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