15 November 2007

WFMW - Lasagna noodles

You decide to make lasagna for dinner. You then try either of these approaches:

1) You don't pre-cook your noodles, and end up having to bake your lasagna for, like, ever until they are properly cooked and not hard and crunchy; or

2) You pre-boil your noodles and spend for, like, ever trying to peel apart the stuck-together noodles, cursing and nursing your burned fingers all the while.

The noodles. Oh, the wretched noodles ... the sole reason that I avoided making lasagna ... UNTIL I decided to try fresh pasta! Now I just happily lay the fresh lasagna sheets into my lasagna and don't have to worry that they'll be crunchy and uncooked since they are soft to start with and cook within 20 minutes.

Works for me!

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