29 January 2008

Touring the downstairs

So I'm going to open the front door. Welcome! Come inside. (Don't you love the original tiling on the vestibule's floor?)

Step inside and hang up your coat. We installed these hooks - one set for Grant and I and one set for the boys so they can hang up their own things.

Let's step into the hallway. On the right you can see two doors - the first leads to my studio, the second to the living room. The bathroom is at the top of the stairs.

This weekend we hung the mirror and the shelf unit to go above the bench.

Don't you just love this set? I've always wanted a hall set like this. Because we hang our coats in the vestibule, these hooks are for guests and for my handbag. The little tins hold odds and ends and won't necessarily be staying there.

I decided to put baskets into the cubbies in the bench (they hold socks, gloves, hats, etc) because our shoes go into the little white cabinet by the door. Next to it you can see plastic tubs - one holds the tools we've been using (and won't be staying there) and the other is for Grant's work boots.

Right, come into the first room, I want to show off my studio! I'm so excited to have my own space.

We've installed my desk and computers (yes, I have two - one for work and one for play!) but I still need to add handles to the doors and tidy up the cables underneath the desk. I also need to finish working on my chair, which was a car boot sale find that I am sanding down in the cellar. In the meantime I'm using a dining room chair. Our big office chairs with wheels don't run on the carpet.

My backdrops are hung above the French doors, which are open here so you can see through the living room to the kitchen.

I opened them so I could stand in the doorway and take this picture. I plan on hanging semi-sheer white curtains to soften the window, even though we've installed white wooden blinds.

The doors are usually closed. It's wonderful to be able to close myself off when I need to work. The other evening, when the boys and Grant and I were coming into the hallway, a client phoned and I simply stepped into my studio and closed the door. Grant didn't have to stress about trying to keep the kids quiet, they simply went on into the kitchen.

Hey, did you notice my beautiful new French chateau-style bench? I got it for client seating and to be used as a prop, and got a great price on it.

It isn't actually blue, that's just a chenille throw I put over it to protect the beautiful cream seat from my boys.

Okay, moving onto the living room. I need to make Roman blinds for the windows, but I don't have the car until the weekend so I'll only be able to go and buy the fabric then. The white drawers that the tv is on are the three bedside units that we put together and stood in the bay window of our bedroom in the last house. I'm not keen on them (plus they're scratched up) but maybe they'll look better with some pretty knobs.

I can't wait to order and have framed the picture of the boys for above the fireplace! The left hand alcove will have a white console table for the boys' computer. It's currently on our old coffee table. The leather ottoman will stay as the seating for the computer. It was a cheap find in a local furniture store and will also serve as a prop, plus it has storage capacity.

Turning back around, you can see the hallway and double doors to my studio. I love that there's room to have the couch pulled forward so that the living room doesn't become a walkway - the traffic goes behind the couch to the kitchen.

I want to get a tall white bookcase for this wall, next to the radiator.

The lounge from the kitchen doorway.

And looking into the kitchen from the lounge. We put up the curtain pole as there was nothing over the door.

Turning into the kitchen. I'm not sure how I want to decorate except that I'll probably pick up the green in the random patterned tiles and worktop.

I love having the dining area at the end of the kitchen. Oh look, there's a door in the corner, where does that lead?

Hmm, down to the cellar ...

What a mess! This is the bit at the bottom of the stairs. It will eventually become a pantry.

Ooh, there's more! Through the doorway ...

... is more mess! Which we are working on tidying up, but we need more shelf units.

See, we've installed four but it's just not enough. There's my chair that I'm working on.

Facing back towards the door.

Here's the laundry area and extra freezer. The tumble drier vents out through a hole in the window. We plan on selling the butler's sink and moving the washer so it's in line with the tumble drier and freezer, and putting a worktop across the top.

Grant has plans to set up his weights down there.

Let's go back up the stairs. Watch out, they are uneven! There are a couple that are taller than the rest, so don't trip.

(I'll do the upstairs and outside in a seperate post.)

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