4 February 2008

Bits around the house

Ugh, I'm sick. I hate being sick. At least it was over a weekend so I could get some naps. Oh well.

Here are some pictures of bits that I've been busy with this week. First up, I hung my canvas in the studio:

Bought the fabric I've been lusting after for the living room blinds. It's just thrown (sideways) over the existing curtain pole here, for an idea of how it will look. I saw this brown and green fabric hanging in a display area in Botany Bay a couple of months ago and thought it would be perfect. Well, I didn't want to drive all the way down there again so I phoned Botany Bay and the customer services girl there said it belonged to one of the vendors, so she phoned him and he said he'd sell it to me for £20 but I didn't want to drive 45 minutes to pick it up. It was going to cost £10 postage, all for only about 2.5 metres of the fabric. I told him I'd pass. He did pass on that he'd bought it at a particular fabric store in Preston. So on Friday, when Grant had the day off, we drove to Preston and I popped in there. Voila, they had the fabric and I got 2.5 metres of it, two cushion inners, tieback thingies for studio curtains and half a metre of fabric for a cushion cover, all for £18 (about $40) whoohoo!

So now I have to see how much it would cost to have Roman blinds made, or if I can be bothered to buy all the bits and do it myself.

We hung our big mirror (that used to be in the dining room in our old house) above the sofa.

See how bare the room looks! I need to add bits and pieces, and of course blind will help.

I hung pictures on the half-landing.

Here's a shot of the boys' room with curtains up.

I took four of the doors from our old office units (we've bought new, white doors for them now) and connected them with little metal plates on the back. Voila, new headboard! It's just resting on the skirting board in this pic, might hang it from the wall a little higher later. Not sure if I'll leave it brown either since all of our furniture is white ... but we might accent the room with brown, so we'll see.

I also made 3 cushion covers but don't have pics of those just yet.

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