3 March 2008

Love letters

Daniel is a little softie with a very kind heart. He loves to write me little love notes. Here is a sampling for you - starting with the classic "I love you."

Sometimes there is a little chastisement mixed in: "I love you even if you don't [play] wif me!!!" Ouch. But hey, does that mean I'm off the hook?

He express his approval by telling me I am nice.

And sweet.

Full of charm here: "I love you. You ar lovely. You ar prity. You ar my bestes Mommy." Awwww!

Gets a little excited with capital letters when telling me he likes it when we kiss. Okay steady on there with the Oedipus complex!

Because ...


Now before you melt in a big puddle over there, I have to mention that he brought these notes downstairs to me one at a time when we were busy with a dinner party. Crafty little fellow - how can I be mad at him for interrupting the party (when he was supposed to stay upstairs) when reading one of these notes? He's far too smart for his own good.

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