16 March 2008

Parade of cakes

It's Noah's birthday tomorrow and I've made a birthday cake for him. It's important to me to make the boys' cakes each year. Not that there is anything wrong with buying or ordering a pre-made cake, it's just a thing I have. This year Noah asked for a train cake and that's what he got - I'll take pictures tomorrow in natural light. But in the meantime I decided to round up pictures of all of the birthday cakes I've made for them so far.

Daniel's first birthday
I was devastated when our digital camera had a fault and wiped out the photos from Daniel's first birthday party. But making this post has made me (more than half a decade later) finally get around to taking pics of the video we took. Although I used a tripod and shutter release cable, the pictures still aren't very good but you can kind of see the big teddy bear I made for him.

Daniel's second birthday
A fondness for tractors prompted his cake design and he was thrilled with the result. The only pictures I have are prints from film, so these are photos of photos (my scanner isn't set up.)

Daniel's third birthday

Aah, the dinosaur obsession began! Looking at this cake now, with all the dinosaur education I've had since, I'm wondering what kind of dinosaur it's actually supposed to be. Oh well, neither of us knew any better back then!

Daniel's fourth birthday
He requested a "dinosaur world" so that's what he got, complete with erupting volcano and mud swamp.

Noah's first birthday
Still not crawling properly at age one but opting rather for a slap-and-drag technique, Noah deserved the snail cake that he got. He only started crawling properly a week later.

Daniel's fifth birthday
I swear I wasn't being lazy, Daniel for some reason felt really strongly about his cake that year and insisted that he wanted these toys on it!

Noah's second birthday
The car obsession rears its head.

Daniel's sixth birthday
Thankfully, a respite from dinosaurs - he opted for a dragon instead.

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