28 August 2008

Noah's development checkup

Noah had his 3-year development checkup today (he is 3 years 5 months old) and did really well.

For Interactive Social he scored as average for a 3 year old.

For Manipulative; Visual; Hearing & Language; Speech & Language, and Self-Care he scored as a four-year-old.

For Locomotor he scored as a five-year-old! I have always been amazed at the control he has of both fine and gross motor skills, so it was nice to see that he is actually very skilled in this area and it wasn't just "mommy goggles" making me think he was particularly good!

We are very proud, and very grateful to have not one but two happy, healthy and well little boys who are so precious to us. They wouldn't be any less precious if they had challenges with their health or development, but I am so grateful that we don't have those challenges to deal with.

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