4 September 2008

The boys' bedroom

We've added a ton of storage to the boys' room. Refresher: this is what the wall looked like when we moved in:

We later added an Ikea wardrobe to the alcove:

Well last week we moved the wardrobe forward about four inches and attached a bank of shallow cupboards across the chimney breast for more storage:

I love it!! So much more space to stash stuff plus it makes the room look bigger and neater. Unfortunately they had no stock of white shelves for the wider one so we had to buy birch, but I'm okay with it. See, I am slowly letting go of perfectionism!

So now I've finished decorating the boys' bedroom! Well, except for their lamp - I'd like to paint it turquoise and replace the shade, but it's not urgent.

For a reminder of what it looked like when we moved in, click here.

I got this little metal sign for their door off eBay. It amuses me. For those who don't know, our surname is Morris, which would make our boys ..... see, it's funny!

View from the door (the beds are to the right). The built-in cupboard houses the boiler and has shelves for storage:

White curtains and curtain pole from Ikea, ditto the white wood blinds and chest of drawers.

Close-up of the artwork:

The photo mat (scrapbooking paper) isn't blotchy, it's glare:

The pictures between the beds and wardrobes: I painted the frames with acrylic paint and added black and white photos of my mom with the boys, Grant's parents with the boys, my dad with the boys.

View from the top bunk:

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