9 September 2008

J's question

J from The Ake Family asked,

My question is about your home; You seem to have a minimalist/modern style, but have you always?

My style has definitely evolved over the years but I think I've always been drawn to a slightly more minimalist look as I get overstimulated by visual clutter.

There is never ANY clutter in your home - is it hiding somewhere or do you really just not have any?

We really don't have clutter. I hate clutter! I actually feel physically burdened if I have clutter in my home.

Now, when I say we have no clutter I mean we have very, very little - there are always bits that need sorting through as our needs change over time - for instance, since moving I have enjoyed dipping into my containers of odds like candlesticks, frames, etc when decorating. But I'm coming to a point where each room is just about finished and I'll eventually go through what I have left and either sell, pass on or donate to a charity shop the remaining goodies. So right now they're not clutter, but there will come a time when they will be - and I'll purge them.

We've moved home very often and that has forced us to purge clutter each time and helped to create clutter-free habits.

Has your home decorating style changed over the years?

Yes it has and I'm sure it will continue to.

Also, your home is immaculate, do you have a cleaning schedule?

Yes, it goes like this:
1) clean room
2) feel all happy and smug because room is clean
3) forget about cleaning room - after all, I've just cleaned
4) room gets dusty and dirty
5) reach a point where I can't stand it anymore
6) clean room
7) rinse and repeat, as needed

Joking aside, I have no schedule and just potter around doing what is needed when it's needed!

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