28 October 2008

Feeling better

I'm feeling so much better. I had a wonderful weekend which included scrapbooking with my friend Karen for most of Saturday, Grant attending church with us on Sunday (which he's only able to do 2 Sundays out of every 5 due to his shifts) and a nap on Sunday afternoon. I've also made a big decision that I've been wrestling with for a little while, which I'll talk about here one of these days - but I know it is absolutely the right decision because I feel so happy and excited about it.

I'm hoping to share pictures of the layouts I made on Saturday but it's half-term so the kids are home this week and Grant's on nights so we'll see if I get a chance. Now that we're on winter time it starts getting dark so early that if I don't snap the pics in the morning or very early afternoon the opportunity is lost.

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