28 November 2008

Back garden

I'm doing a happy dance because next summer we get to create a proper little garden! We had contractors come in and install some fencing at the back and a gate down the side of our house and I love the result. Here are some before and after pictures.

First, the before shot of the view down the side, from the back of the house to the front ...

... and after with the new gate:

Before, from the front of the house...

... and after with the new gate:

Okay, now the back bit. When we first moved in there were a couple of gates halfway through the back of our property (the blue-barked bit you see through the gates is ours too):

Grant removed the gates, in preparation for the contractors - this is pretty much the view I have from the kitchen window - OH, also note the bed we created on the right for our veges next summer (it's as wide as we could make it due to concrete):

Here is a before (or rather, during) shot taken from the boys' bedroom window:

And after - how fab is that!?! The space enclosed is about the size of a single garage.

Facing our property from the alleyway, before:

And after:

The back bit, before:


We plan on painting the brick wall stark white, creating beds around the sides to plant our strawberries in, removing the small conifers and making a small lawn under the sycamore tree for a nice spot to relax in summer (IF WE GET ONE THIS YEAR!)

Another before shot from the alley behind our property:

And after:

I can't recommend the contractors enough. They were respectable, polite, neat, reliable, thorough and did excellent work. It was Eddie Cairns and his partner, from EC Landscapes, telephone (01253) 739984.

I gotta tell ya, DIYing has its rewards but I'm totally digging this pay-someone-else-to-do-the-hard-work thing. It's SO worth it.

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