17 November 2008

Daniel's birthday cake and party

Well, we survived Daniel's party and it went much better than last year's. Grant didn't even need a Valium, although he looked a little pale at points.

My friend Karen asked about Daniel's cake, which reminded me that I hadn't blogged it. She knows that it's important to me to make their birthday cakes each year. I asked Daniel what he wanted this year. He first asked for a Dalek which was scornfully rejected by me since 1) he's never seen an episode of Dr Who in his life and only asked for it because he's heard of them from friends and 2) where the heck am I supposed to find black icing? So then he said he wanted a chocolate cake. So I made a cake in the shape of a 7 with 7 kinds of chocolate!

1) chocolate cake
2) chocolate icing
3) chocolate after dinner mints around the edges (see how I avoided having to ice the crumbly cut edges?)
4) chocolate buttons
5) chocolate stars
6) grated chocolate
7) chocolate sprinkles

With the cut-away pieces of cake I made cake truffles (you can see instructions here).

Daniel blowing out his candles.

You can see all of Daniel and Noah's previous birthday cakes here and here and here and here. This year's was probably the least imaginative.

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