15 January 2009

Dreaming of summer

Today Noah and I were listing what we are looking forward to this summer. We included (and I'll come back and add any more that I remember):

- eating ice cream
- making ice cream
- blowing bubbles outside
- going to the beach
- paddling in the paddling pools at the beachfront
- possibly camping again
- riding our bicycles
- growing fruit and vegetables
- visiting a "pick-your-own" farm
- making jam (me, not the boys)
- making a lawn
- body painting outside (um, them, not me!)
- visiting Rebecca, Emily, Megan and Ethan for a few days
- BBQs
- picnics
- not having to bother with coats, scarves, gloves and hats every time we go out
- sunshine (hopefully!)

Today I ordered my two blueberry bushes. I'm so excited to get stuck into gardening again! I have this spreadsheet listing when to plant indoors, outdoors, plant out indoor seedlings and harvest all sorts of veg (what a geek!) and am raring to go with the bits we will be trying this year. And as soon as the weather gets milder I'll be in the back end of the garden preparing the beds and lawn and painting the wall. Pity there's still the whole of freezing February ahead of us *sigh* (but thankfully it's the shortest month!)

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