22 January 2009

Two houses ago - Daniel's bedroom

We chose the first bedroom for Daniel's room. It had a weird bit of wall creating an alcove - it was where the room's wall had originally been before a previous owner had stolen a piece of the second bedroom to enlarge the first. They had left that bit of wall in place either because it was load-bearing or because it had the heater against it or both. This is how the room looked when we first viewed the house:

View from the door (you can see the weird wall with heater on it on the left):

View into the alcove:

I took this picture the day we moved in - notice the lovely morning sun streaming in ... and the junk chairs left behind by the previous owner (grrr):

We soon settled the little monkey's bits and pieces into the room:

I don't have digi pics but I do have prints on a layout to show how we first decorated Daniel's room (click to enlarge):

(You'll see more of the details later in Noah's room, because he inherited most of the bits when we did his room.)

Replacing the carpet with laminate flooring was a huge improvement - this picture was posted on my very first blog post!

As you can see in the picture, I'd also painted the walls sage green. This is how the room looked when we sold the house (I hadn't quite finished). Although Daniel was still sleeping there, the intention was for him to share with Noah once Noah was a little bigger, and this was going to be the guest room:

Red striped linens from Ikea, bed also Ikea (discontinued):

Note the handles have been removed to stop Daniel pulling everything out of the drawers:

I tied black and white gingham and red ribbons on the basket liners:

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