12 February 2009

A wild hair

Today I woke up, showered, dressed and hacked off half my hair with a pair of scissors. Okay, maybe not half, but a fair amount.

I make it sound all spur-of-the-moment but I'd been meaning to cut a fringe (bangs) for a while. I figured it was time for a change and if I hated it, well,
1) my hair grows so fast it won't be long before it's gone,
2) it's hat season,
3) I was planning on going short later this year anyway and
4) I always clip the front part of my hair back anyway so growing it out would be pretty painless.

I wanted a super-short fringe just for fun. I have an acre of forehead so I figured it would divide it better and I hate hair falling in my eyes. Okay, it turned out a *leeeetle* shorter than I'd planned but see 1) above. You know what they say: the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is two weeks. With my super bionic hair-growing powers (I can go from chin length to waist length in 18 months) it will be half that.

Luckily Grant really likes it.

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