15 March 2009

Shoes, shoes, shoes

I've always loved shoes. My mom told me that when we visited someone's house when I was a baby I'd find my way into their wardrobe and come crawling out with shoes on my hands.

Shoes can transform the way you feel. They can make you stand taller and straighter, walk differently and even give you the illusion of losing weight. Shoes are pretty much always a great fit , even if you've gained a few pounds. No matter how modestly you dress, your shoes can be outrageously sexy.

But my feet are kind of weird: I can't wear slip-on shoes (like regular court shoes or ballet flats) because I just walk out of them. My shoes have to have a strap across the front or at least a slingback for me to be able to keep them on my feet. I'm so sad about it because this trait drastically narrows down the shoes I can buy!

My cousin Dianne once told me how many pairs of shoes she had at the time and it was something like 40 and I sighed and said, "You're so lucky!" She said that I was the only person who had said that, everyone else was disgusted at the amount she'd racked up.

You can never have too many pairs of shoes.

Tonight I was home alone and spent some time browsing eBay for (new, not used!!) shoes. I've bought shoes on eBay before. Sometimes the fit is hit or miss, so I never spend more than about £6 on a pair ($8.50) and I try to buy brands I know fit me. It also helps if the seller lists the actual physical measurement of the sole inside.

I am bidding on these. I have them in red and ADORE them. They are so comfortable. I always regretted not buying them in blue so I was so excited to see them, new, on eBay tonight:

Here are some pairs I'm watching.

Love the T-bar and the textured detail:

How cute are these gingham ones?!

Love me some purple:

Cute, cute, cute!

Sexy heel and of course the pink is adorable:

I have a very similar pair in brown and I love them:

A bit more hot pink for fun:

So fun for a night out:

Love the layered and punched detail:

Sooo classy:

Not 100% sure how the ruffle would look, but if they are super cheap I might go for it:

Love the T-bar and the heel:

Adorable (I have a thing for green shoes and own none):

So fresh and cute for spring!

So, how many pairs of shoes do you own? What are your favourites? Which ones make you feel foxy?

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