9 May 2009

Recycling centre ideas

Dawn recently asked, "Do you have any ideas for creating a low budget recycling area that doesn't look like trash cans?"

How about the Trofast system from Ikea? You can customise the items depending on how many different compartments you need. Why not paint the frame a funky colour and add a cute picture to the front of each bin?

Here are some of the combinations available.

Laundry hampers can also be quite cute and can be customised to fit your decor.

This one is the Skubb hamper from Ikea. It's divided into two compartments, available in black and white and costs around $10.

The following hampers are all from Bed Bath & Beyond - if you shop around you're bound to find hampers that suit your style. I have a laundry hamper similar to the first one and I LOVE it - no more sorting laundry when it's time to put a load in! But it will work just as hard sorting your recycling.

Back at Ikea, the Skrin box comes in two sizes and has a lid.

The Muck box is similar. I think these metal boxes would look cute on a shelf for industrial chic. Why not paint the front panel with chalkboard paint for easy labeling?

The white plastic Sortera bins come in two sizes and stack into a tower - very convenient if you have limited floor space. (By the way, these work great for sorting laundry too!)

I hope that helps to give you some ideas for stylish and practical recycling storing. Anybody else out there have any great ideas?

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