30 June 2009


1) My friend Ellie was supposed to be popping in last Friday morning. Noah was very excited that she would be coming as he was hoping she'd be bringing her son Joe for him to play with. He kept nagging me constantly, "When are they coming? When are they coming?" I explained to him that they would have the same school drop of routine that we have and then they'd have to drive through from Preston, which would take half an hour. Then he commenced nagging me about where Preston was. Even though I tried to explain it to him he kept asking. Eventually in exasperation I just snapped, "It's EAST!"

Noah's eyes got big and round and he asked in awe, "Where the Easter Bunny comes from??"

2) We rotate the boys' toys, putting half in an enormous plastic tub with a lid on in the cellar. We had the tub up from the cellar for toy switch the other day and when Grant went to take it down again he was teasing the boys about taking the whole tub full of toys and donating it to the charity shop. Daniel realised he was teasing so Grant said to Noah, "What do you think? Should I just take this tub to the charity shop?"

Noah: "Yes you should. But don't forget to take the toys out first."

3) He had to go to Weight Watchers with me the the other week. As we walked there I explained what would happen - first we'd stand in a line and get my little record card. Then we'd go into a big room and I'd wait in line to be weighed. After that we'd sit together on the chairs and wait for a long while until the weighing was all done and then the lady would speak to us.

Noah piped up with, "That's why it's called Weight Watchers - because of all the waiting."

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