22 September 2009

End of an era

Yesterday Noah started school full time. It is really the end of an era for me. For almost 8 years I've had a baby or toddler or both at home with me and now ... 6 and a half hours of time to myself every day.

I had Big Plans for yesterday. I was going to go on a shopping trip I've been planning for ages, and maybe scrapbook after that. Instead, I have been felled by an evil virus and have been deathly ill. It's been threatening for ages and on Sunday it won the battle and I was so sick. I only managed to doze for half an hour between 3:00 and 3:30 am and then slept for an hour from 5:15 to 6:15. So yesterday was spent in my pyjamas and a big nap featured.

Today I am feeling marginally better after having slept well last night but man, I have not been this sick in ages. If I had a fever (which I don't) I would totally wonder if it was swine flu.

But hey ho, later this week I will be feeling better and Grant will be on rest days and we'll go out to lunch to mark the occasion of Noah being in big school full time. Our little boys are growing up so fast.

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