17 November 2009

Daniel's bug themed birthday party

Last Tuesday after school Daniel had a little birthday party (it was his birthday on Saturday - more on that later). We had decided on a bug theme, even though it was just a small party (a glorified playdate, more like) with 6 guests. Here are the invitations I made:

Step 1: Find some bug clipart on Google images and print them out.

Step 2: Cut them out.

Step 3: Design and print the front of the invitation:

Step 4: Design and print the inside of the invitation:

Step 5: Cut two slits in the centre of the inside:

Step 6: Fold the centre piece outwards:

Step 7: Glue the inside to the invitation:

Step 8: Glue the bug to the centre piece:

Ta-da! A pop-up birthday invitation.

Grant and I organised bug-themed games for the boys, including:
- Bug Charades - Grant would tell them a bug in their ear and they had to act it out and the other kids had to guess what it was
- Musical Dead Bug (we played music and the kids had to dance; when we paused the music they had to throw themselves onto the floor and pretend to be a dead bug. The last person to do so was out)
- The Bug Game (we would shout various bug names and they had to act them - ladybug: mince around like a girl; stink bug - well, you know 8 year old boys love fart humour...; cockroach: scatter to the edge of the room; dung beetle: pretend to be rolling a ball of dung; grasshopper: hop around; worm: wiggle around on the floor; dragonfly: zoom around with arms extended; bed bug: pretend to be asleep; spider: move around on hands and feet)
- They each drew a bug on a balloon and then they rushed around stomping on all of the "bugs" - the person with the last balloon intact won
- Caterpillar (they split up into pairs, then each pair had a roll of toilet paper and one boy had to wrap the other boy into his "cocoon" - the first pair to finish their roll of toilet paper won)

For food they ate wiggly worm hot dogs:

For dessert they had worms in dirt (chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo cookies, gummy worms):

I thought they'd love it, but there were "Eeuw!" comments, and one boy didn't like pudding and another didn't like chocolate (!) so they weren't that popular. Oh well!

Here's Daniel about to blow out his candles - I'll do a seperate post showing off the spider cake I made for him:

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