3 November 2009

A whole decade

Ten years ago today Grant and I arrived in England, exhausted, excited, dazed and elated. We'd spent the night on an aeroplane, not sleeping a wink, on our way to our new life with all our worldly possessions in two suitcases, a suit bag and two carry-on bags (and 6 boxes which were being freighted over). I had a splitting headache by the time we arrived and my first purchase in the UK was a box of aspirin (I still have the box!) and a bottle of water.

Although it feels like a lifetime ago and a world away I will always remember those winter days as we toured London, found a flat to live in and registered with employment agencies. It was such an emotional rollercoaster, taking us from the highs of excitement, wonder, hope, dreams, and pride in every little accomplishment and purchase to the lows of homesickness, longing for family and friends, bewilderment, culture shock, disappointment, stress, loneliness, frustration and exhaustion.

I get quite emotional when I think of how privileged we have been to be able to make this move to the UK and build a life here, and for the opportunities and experiences (both good and growth-promoting) that have come our way.

As excited as we are for our new life in New Zealand, I know I will miss England dreadfully. I know I will board that emotional roller-coaster all over again and homesickness will be waiting for me again - but I also know it is worth it, if only for the experiences and personal growth.

So, to my wonderful husband Grant, happy ten year UK anniversary. There's nobody I'd rather dream with and follow my dreams with.

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