10 July 2010

Bangle dangle

My bracelets were hung on a belt hanger in my wardrobe, but they were a bit hard to get to. My bangles were jumbled together in a drawer. I wanted to organise them but couldn't think of how.

I did an online search for bangle storage ideas but I didn't like anything I saw. Storage like this, this and this would frustrate me - what if you want the bangle in the middle? Everything would have to come off and be put back on.

Then I came up with an idea - mug trees! I dashed off to Asda today and bought three - they were £3 each or two for £5. In the end I only needed two but I've kept the third so I have room to grow my collection. I love how they look on my nightstand and I love how organised my bangles and bracelets are now!



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