13 January 2011

50th birthday cakes

I really enjoy making cakes and I wanted more practice so I contacted a few local friends and let them know I'd be happy to do cakes for them and only charge for the cost of the ingredients. I've had a few "orders" and this is one of them - my friend's colleague is turning 50 so she ordered 6 cupcakes and a mini cake (6 inches across) for her.

Of course I can see all of my mistakes, but that is exactly why I'm doing this - to get practice and become more skilled. And before you tell me how "perfect" it looks know that I Photoshopped out at least one dent and a crease!

50th birthday cake 1

I accidentally bought a #1 writing tip, which was far too fine - I had the hardest time doing the dots with buttercream!

50th birthday cake 2

Some of the flowers are glittered:

50th birthday cake 3

50th birthday cake 4

50th birthday cupcakes 1

I used silver foil cases:

50th birthday cupcakes 2

50th birthday cupcakes 3

50th birthday cupcakes 4

All boxed up:

50th birthday cupcakes 5

50th birthday cupcakes 6

The cake is a layer of chocolate sponge with a layer of vanilla sponge, sandwiched together with chocolate fudge icing and coated in cream-coloured, strawberry flavoured buttercream before being encased in fondant. The cupcakes are chocolate with a swirl of strawberry buttercream.

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