18 June 2011


We're in Surrey right now, but I am too brain dead to actually type a proper blog post, let alone edit any photos.

I just wanted to share something I was quite excited and flattered about, but it's really only my US friends who would get it: A couple of days ago I got an email from an associate producer saying, "I'm currently looking for people for an HGTV show about extremely organized, clean people and I came across your blog. You seem like you might be a great fit for something like this."

She asked me to get in touch if I was interested but sadly I had to let her know that we're about to emigrate, to which she replied, "Oh too bad! We're looking for people in the US for now, but if the series goes world wide, I will keep you in mind."

But you guys (my US readers) know how excited I was to be considered, right?

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