2 December 2011

Bauble wreath

It's December, which means time to start putting out some Christmas decorations. We don't have a tree this year and I'm quite relieved not to have one. In fact, if it weren't for the kids Grant and I would be quite happy to give Christmas a miss entirely. But since we do have the kids I have put out a few decorations, hung stockings, and made this bauble wreath to go on our front door. Just Google bauble wreath for instructions - basically you stretch a wire coat hanger into a circle and thread baubles on. Easy as!



How have I hung it? The green ribbon goes over the door ...


... and hooks onto an upside-down clean-release hook on the other side. I cut a hole in the ribbon and used a flame to seal the edges so it doesn't rip or fray.


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  1. I never thought to use a hook upside down. Great idea!

    We have storm door and so never can use storebought wreaths because they're too fat to fit between the doors. I think you've inspired me to try making my own.


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