22 March 2012

Your questions answered 1

Taryn asked, "Can you make kitty cat cupcakes?"
I'm sure I could; I shall have to do that for you one day :)

Paula asked, "How is the new job going.....selling shoes (are you buying shoes too)?"
I'm loving it! And I've been doing well there so far. And yes, I may have already bought 2 pairs of shoes (and have only had 3 shifts so far). But, in my defence, we have to wear current season shoes to work and I bought this pair as I thought it was open enough for our current warm weather but closed enough to see me into the autumn, but my feet were way too hot during my shift so I bought this pair (in silver) to wear until it's cooler. Then I'll wear the first pair I bought until it's cold, then I'll have to buy another pair. I already have my eye on these boots.

Pauline asked, "Home organisation! Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of clutter and having a clean and simple home (while still allowing children and husband to live there!!)"
Click here for the organising article I wrote, it covers clutter busting and other people's clutter. As far as kids' stuff goes, I'm all for closed storage like baskets, drawers and cupboards and things like storage ottomans (ottomen?) for toys. If you have any more specific questions I'd love to try to answer them, just ask!

Leith asked, "I think you need to do a post on your 100 reasons why being short is better than being tall. I still quote some of your reasons sometimes."
Leith is my childhood friend; we have been friends since I was 3. She is tall and I am short. Well, I'm now 5'4" which isn't that short but I was very short through my childhood and teen years. I got married when I'd just turned 20 and continued to grow another 3 inches and a shoe size after I got married!! Talk about a late developer.

Anyway, I used to defend my shortness with loads of great reasons why it's better to be short. I can't remember all of them (Leith, comment with any I've forgotten, please) but here are some:

1) If you fall over, you don't have as far to fall so you will hurt yourself less.

2) It's easier getting in and out of cars.

3) You can always shorten clothing like pants and skirts; it's harder to make them longer if you're tall.

4) You use less soap as you have less body to lather. Ditto lotion and sunscreen.

5) You don't have to duck when going under low structures.

6) You have more options for hiding places when playing hide-and-seek.

7) It's easier for someone to carry you if they need to, like if you break an ankle or need to be rescued from a burning building.

8) You can buy some of your clothes in the children's department, which is usually cheaper.

9) You can wear heels as high as you like and not tower over anyone.

10) Other people's smelly breath is less offensive if they're a head taller than you.

11) Looking up at everyone smooths out a double chin and opens your eyes wide so you look cuter.

12) On a sunny day you can stand in other people's shade.

13) Growing your hair long is quicker than for other people because it has less far to grow.

14) You can provide a convenient arm-rest for your tall friend as your shoulder is just the right height! ;)

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