31 August 2012

2012 Books - August

Be Careful What You Wish for - Alexandra Potter

Fun premise and enjoyable story and characters. I would recommend it (light reading).

The Naming of Eliza Quinn - Carol Birch

It starts out in 1969, then after a couple of chapters flashes back a generation, then after a couple of chapters it flashes back in time to the Irish potato famine. Pretty much the rest of the book is set here. I did enjoy the way it was written and found it very interesting to "experience" the famine from the point of view of someone who lived through it ... but by the time it finally flashed back to 1969 again for the last chapter or so, I had kind of forgotten what those characters were about so the ending fell flat. There was a kind of disconnect. I wouldn't recommend this book.

Famous Last Words - Annie Sanders

Enjoyable light reading. A nice take on the "you only have a week to live" plot, with personable characters. I would recommend it.

Sowing the Seeds of Love - Tara Heavy

I loved this book. It looks into the lives of 4 people who came together as strangers to work on a garden. Emotional at times, and touching. I would recommend it - I think it would make a good book club book too.

Just Another Manic Mum-Day - Mink Elliott

I enjoyed this book (light reading). At one point I felt like it was dragging on a bit, but overall a fun, if underwhelming book.

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