7 October 2012

House update

The agents are still wanting viewings just about every day, sometimes calling and asking if they could come that same day or, one one occasion, right then. (Ummm, NO.)

Plan A didn't work out. I know it's really annoying that I'm not at liberty to tell you what it was but suffice to say it's not an option.

Plan B has been to start looking in the hopes of finding a rental property. The only problem is that there are very, very few rentals available and a lot of demand for them. And of the few that are available only one, so far, has been in the kids' school zone (and it was awful).

So that's where we are now. Best case scenario would be for an investor to buy the house and we get to stay on but we can't count on that so we'll just have to keep looking.

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  1. You poor things :S It's so awful having the house pulled out from under you like that. And you have put so much effort into making it a cosy little nest with a perfect spot for everything... so annoying. I know it's hard but I hope you can find a way to keep your chin up honey bun :)

  2. I'm a regular reader but I've only just found out about your situation. I believe that things happen according to a plan that is usually not our own. Praying a solution is found for your family and until the solution is made apparent that you are given patience in your wait.


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