6 May 2013

Quilt show

On Saturday R and I headed out to Parnell for a quilt show. We haven't had much time together in a while and it was nice to catch up - plus, she very kindly did the driving.

The quilts on show were absolutely gorgeous, with a range of styles and designs. Here are some favourites (photos without my URL in the corner were taken by R). My photos were taken with my iPhone, so please forgive the low quality.

Gorgeous colours and I loved the whimsical quilting.

 photo quiltshow19_zps7fd0da9b.jpg

 photo quiltshow20_zps02cfc925.jpg

 photo quiltshow21_zpsd43f84d9.jpg

We both liked this strip-pieced quilt - a great way to use up scraps.

 photo quiltshow17_zpsaff0b096.jpg

 photo quiltshow17b_zps73694615.jpg

 photo quiltshow18_zpsee753216.jpg

A super modern quilt that I knew Daniel would enjoy.

 photo quiltshow15_zps5fe55d01.jpg

I think this one was my favourite. It was prettier in real life. Loved the flower quilting.

 photo quiltshow04_zps9e24ea5e.jpg

This was a large quilt and the colours / design were really striking - all neutrals, but with a depth and sense of movement.

 photo quiltshow05_zps582654d9.jpg

I loved this hand-appliqued primitive style wall hanging.

 photo quiltshow09_zps9a98c785.jpg

 photo quiltshow10_zps8d724597.jpg

Gorgeous colours! The quilting was so creative - fish, plants, waves, and a net coming down from the corner.

 photo quiltshow11_zps3405d12e.jpg

 photo quiltshow12_zpsa8ace8cf.jpg

 photo quiltshow13_zps1db86d25.jpg

 photo quiltshow13b_zpsfebdb2fa.jpg

A really simple wall hanging with embroidery and hand quilting. In real life the colours popped against the charcoal background - very pretty.

 photo quiltshow14_zpsa9813270.jpg

Another super modern quilt with tight straight-line machine quilting.

 photo quiltshow01_zpsaf93a960.jpg

 photo quiltshow16_zpsd015b732.jpg

This applique style was so interesting.

 photo quiltshow02_zps4a6582f4.jpg

Another quilt we both loved - warm flannel with straight line and random zig-zag hand quilting.

 photo quiltshow07_zps10bced16.jpg

 photo quiltshow08_zpsc016b4ec.jpg

 photo quiltshow08b_zps07ec3928.jpg

This quilt was made by a mother for her daughter, who had been collecting the 1930's reproduction fabric for a while.

 photo quiltshow06_zps73c5b146.jpg

This quilt was bound in the black and white fabric, and then in three little spots it had a pop of colour. I loved that idea and will be using it on my quilt!

 photo quiltshow03_zps65d7d7ec.jpg

After the quilt show and market (where I bought the rest of the fabric for Noah's quilt) we did a little browsing at a few shops, then headed home through the middle of a torrential thunderstorm. I was so grateful R was driving as I was exhausted by then and the road conditions were awful.

All in all a great day out and I'm super inspired.

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