24 June 2013

How to make perfectly shaped burgers

I love homemade burgers but making the patties so that they are shaped well and cook evenly can be tricky. Here's the way I do it. I've demonstrated with a veggie burger mix, but obviously this works just as well with meat burgers.

First you'll need some parchment paper (or I guess you could use foil or greaseproof paper.)

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers01_zps8d0d80d3.jpg

You'll also need a circular form. I have this nifty set of circle cookie cutters and use the largest one.

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers02_zpsbec2a085.jpg

Place the cutter on the paper.

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers03_zps019eb738.jpg

Then scoop in your mixture. I like to use a large scoop to keep each burger the same size.

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers04_zps60abc7b2.jpg

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers05_zps3d71f7d7.jpg

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers06_zps179e6a04.jpg

Press down on the mixture with the back of a spoon. Get it nice and compact in there so your burger holds together well.

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers07_zps2daa8679.jpg

Remove the cutter and voila! A nice, neat burger patty.

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers08_zps2e083655.jpg

Because it's pretty much the same thickness throughout it will cook evenly. You can obviously make them as thick or thin as you like.

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers09_zps0b9a8dc6.jpg

Just flip the patty over onto a hot pan ...

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers10_zps4aec60c6.jpg

... and peel off the paper.

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers11_zps73d5033d.jpg

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers12_zpsfe9ae21d.jpg

My pan holds 3 patties, so while the first 3 are cooking I go ahead and form the next 3, using the same papers from the first batch.

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers13_zps49f5dfb8.jpg

One more tip: when forming meat patties, use the end of the spoon to make a tiny hole in the centre.

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers14_zpsb5eb3ec3.jpg

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers15_zpsa77a314e.jpg

Your patty won't shrink!

 photo perfectlyshapedburgers16_zpse40b08d2.jpg

Another tip: your patties can be frozen on the wax paper, ready to fry at a moment's notice. Just stack them in an airtight container and peel one off when you want it. Cook from frozen.

Now go forth and make some yummy burgers.

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