11 October 2013


Last week we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed out to Kaiaua for a relaxing afternoon.

 photo kaiaua01_zps8c2aae3a.jpg

 photo kaiaua02_zpsf40e123e.jpg

 photo kaiaua03_zpsa4e02d78.jpg

 photo kaiaua04_zpsa9947310.jpg

We had the whole beach to ourselves.

 photo kaiaua05_zps79bceb0c.jpg

 photo kaiaua06_zps7f64342e.jpg

 photo kaiaua07_zpsb6a66330.jpg

 photo kaiaua08_zps6450c1c9.jpg

 photo kaiaua09_zpsb9c5ed0b.jpg

 photo kaiaua10_zps188181f0.jpg

 photo kaiaua11_zpsc04782a8.jpg

Grant got some fresh mussels - all we had in the way of plastic bags was the skinny one the beach shelter came in.

 photo kaiaua12_zps758e41b0.jpg

 photo kaiaua13_zps4c8f1e70.jpg

 photo kaiaua16_zps56ab23ce.jpg

 photo kaiaua15_zps071aac32.jpg

Finding crabs.

 photo kaiaua14_zps538e6735.jpg

 photo kaiaua17_zps80c57d91.jpg

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