14 December 2013

DIY Christmas wreath

I thought I'd share this quick and easy wreath idea.

 photo wreath08_zps846e38c4.jpg

I made it using a steering wheel cover from the dollar store (it was $3.50).

 photo wreath01_zps557c763f.jpg

I cut strips of textured oatmeal fabric and wrapped them around it, securing each end at the back with hot glue.

 photo wreath02_zpsf813a18a.jpg

 photo wreath03_zps09b8a2e0.jpg

Then I hot glued red and green buttons onto it.

 photo wreath04_zps75cba54b.jpg

I painted three wooden plaques and distressed the edges with my polka dot emery board.

 photo wreath05_zpsc93aee4a.jpg

I hot glued a strip of faux suede ribbon onto the back and secured it to the wrapped wreath.

 photo wreath06_zps442bea49.jpg

 photo wreath07_zpsafe7ddc8.jpg

Voila, a quick and easy Christmas wreath!

 photo wreath08_zps846e38c4.jpg

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