5 March 2014

Upgrading utility boxes

You know those big utility boxes that you see around neighbourhoods? They house electricals and things like telephone wires. Well, I love that in our neighbourhood someone has taken the time to decorate them. I took photos of a few of them to show you how cute they are.

 photo utilityboxes11_zps72dd7220.jpg

 photo utilityboxes01_zps8633761e.jpg

 photo utilityboxes02_zps7f4b739a.jpg

 photo utilityboxes03_zpsc8af22fe.jpg

 photo utilityboxes04_zps7f809938.jpg

 photo utilityboxes05_zpsa7e8f7bf.jpg

 photo utilityboxes16_zps10fc00b6.jpg

Some of them are themed depending on what they are near. This one featuring the heavens (space) is at the cemetery:

 photo utilityboxes06_zpse9ac3ce3.jpg

This one with oranges is at the supermarket:

 photo utilityboxes12_zpsc500684a.jpg

These sunflowers are opposite a primary school:

 photo utilityboxes13_zps244f5bd3.jpg

 photo utilityboxes14_zps29a37678.jpg

This one is opposite a church:

 photo utilityboxes15_zps2bf88222.jpg

These are at the cattle yard:

 photo utilityboxes09_zps0ddc1128.jpg

 photo utilityboxes10_zpsa5a7a332.jpg

These are up on the hill:

 photo utilityboxes08_zpsfedeae20.jpg

 photo utilityboxes07_zps2d58230f.jpg

These are at the stadium:

 photo utilityboxes17_zps7989ff3a.jpg

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