11 October 2014

What I ate in a day

I thought I'd do another what-I-ate post. My dietary guidelines right now:
- no wheat, corn, or potatoes
- limit sugar
- protein, veg and complex carbs with every meal / snack

 photo whatiateinaday00_zps7746229c.jpg


 photo whatiateinaday01_zps50a36b6e.jpg

Two scrambled eggs, a sliced tomato, and three homemade sesame spelt crackers.


 photo whatiateinaday02_zpsef840c2d.jpg

Quinoa salad with broccoli, spring onion, a little leftover chicken, roasted butternut, and balsamic dressing.

Afternoon snack

 photo whatiateinaday03_zpsfdc5297c.jpg

Two sesame Ryvita crackers with cheese and half an avocado.


 photo whatiateinaday04_zps362843a6.jpg

Roast chicken, steamed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and green beans, mashed sweet potato, and gravy.

Evening snack

 photo whatiateinaday05_zpsc5c222e5.jpg

A third of a cup of toasted muesli with a little fruit yoghurt.

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