28 January 2015

12 days of gifts

At the end of 2013 on Instagram I saw a few Auckland bloggers posting pictures of their advent swap gifts. They'd signed up and been assigned a swap partner and sent them 12 days of gifts (and received gifts too). It looked like so much fun that I decided to do it with a friend next Christmas.

But I couldn't wait until December, so instead I decided to give my BFF Carley 12 days of gifts for her birthday in May which, coincidentally, was on the 12th. I had so much fun putting together the little daily gifts - just small, inexpensive items that I thought she'd enjoy - and she had so much fun opening a small present each day, beginning on the 1st and leading up to her birthday. I didn't take proper photographs, and seem to have deleted the ones I took with my phone, but managed to get these from her (two are missing).

- A basting brush, mini spatula, magnetic clip.
- Homemade peach and fig jams in baby food jars.

 photo Birthday01_zps38a90f5d.jpg

- Bath salts and face mask
- Measuring spoons and icing piping bags
- Lemon essential oil and a necklace
- A pack of emery boards and some mint chocolate treats

 photo Birthday02_zps5178da80.jpg

- A mug
- Cookie cutters and an ice cream scoop
- A notebook and some fruity Tic-Tacs
- Some tealight candles and a ceramic dish

 photo Birthday03_zps4c7e0752.jpg

When October rolled around Carley did the same for me. It was a blast having a pressie to open each day! I'm sorry I don't have photos of what she gave me each day. Of course we exchanged 12 days of gifts at Christmas too, and this time I took proper photos of what I gave her:

Day 1: a sign she had been meaning to buy to put on her letterbox; some bag clips (always handy, especially in summer when taking snacks on picnics and camping); a felt Christmas ornament.

 photo adventswap01_zps594d1523.jpg

Day 2: a sign I made with a dollar store canvas, driftwood, a shell, copper tape, and hot glue.

 photo adventswap02_zpsea1e2f4b.jpg

 photo adventswap03_zpse4eb0304.jpg

Day 3: a double citronella candle; a felt Christmas ornament.

 photo adventswap04_zps477c7862.jpg

Day 4: three rolls of washi tape.

 photo adventswap05_zps2a1796fe.jpg

Day 5: a little thrifted crate that I whitewashed and distressed and added twin handles to.

 photo adventswap06_zps17ede36c.jpg

Day 6: Christmas serviettes and stripy paper straws.

 photo adventswap07_zps47a4c7bc.jpg

Day 7: a water bottle for her fridge (I knew she needed one) and some cinnamon sticks to make flavoured water.

 photo adventswap08_zps69ad433e.jpg

Day 8: DIY peppermint sugar scrub and some gum.

 photo adventswap09_zpsc49b9a37.jpg

Day 9: a wooden initial and a little Christmas ornament.

 photo adventswap10_zpse191e17b.jpg

Day 10: nail polish and mints.

 photo adventswap11_zps18eecd58.jpg

Day 11: a little sign I made, with a phrase that's meaningful to her, using some wood I found and picked up when we were walking together.

 photo adventswap12_zps939df51e.jpg

Day 12: a watch locket (inexpensive from eBay) and some nuts.

 photo adventswap13_zps9fae39e9.jpg

A cellphone photo of the bag of gifts with the dates on them:

 photo adventswap14_zpsf9d7fb42.jpg

Here are some of the gifts she gave me (excuse the crappy photos, I snapped them with my phone).

- A jar of Brazil nuts, which she knows I enjoy and eat all the time
- Handmade JOY sign and some hand lotion
- Handmade paper Christmas trees
- A handmade magnet with a scripture on it (about faith as a mustard seed) and a little glass vial of mustard seeds with a cross charm on it

 photo swap1_zps78d7b2cd.jpg

- A friendship survival pack with all sorts of little items in it like Snickers to remind me of the fun times we've shard, twine to tie hearts together in friendship, gum to remind me that friends stick together, etc.
- A little canvas with a picture of South Africa on it; a beaded gecko from SA
- A little canvas with England on it; a little book of nail files
- The gift of giving: she included three gifts, one each for Grant, Daniel, and Noah, of a face flannel that she'd monogrammed and a little South Africa treat (Fizzers for the boys; biltong for Grant)

 photo swap2_zpsb44ae819.jpg

- A goals list notepade with a matching polka dot pen
- A little canvas with New Zealand on it; a pohutukawa (NZ flower) keyring
- An adorable hanging house ornament that she made (house symbols are meaningful to me)
- DIY lemon bath salts with a face flannel

 photo swap3_zpse4c53078.jpg

How cool are those gifts? I absolutely loved them all. Here are the three little canvases together on my dining room wall - they are all countries in which we've lived.

 photo swap4_zps09af6bc3.jpg

I wanted to share the idea of this kind of gift because it's so fun, especially for a birthday. You can spread the cost of buying by picking up or making little things throughout the year. Your recipient has almost two weeks of gifts, spreading the birthday fun. You could even theme the gift bundle: all of the gifts in their favourite colour, or all edible presents, or 12 days of jewellery, or all homemade gifts, or all decor items. You could also spread the amount of gifts, for example cover their entire birthday month, rather than just twelve days, or else give a week's worth of pressies.

Here are some ideas of things to include - pretty much stocking stuffer type items:

- chocolate or other sweets
- a can of their favourite drink
- nail files
- nail polish
- Christmas ornament (can be homemade)
- cupcake sprinkles
- phone case
- lip balm
- cookie cutters
- a jar of their favourite jam (can be homemade)
- preserves (chutney, onion jam, pickles, fruit - can be homemade)
- pen
- hand lotion
- notebook
- phone charger cable
- earphones
- tea towel
- photo frame
- fondant cupcake toppers (can be homemade)
- cute servietts
- jewellery
- little zipped pouches (can be homemade)
- face mask
- bath salts (can be homemade)
- envelopes or other stationery
- cookies (can be homemade)
- Tic Tacs
- gum
- mug
- candle
- fridge magnet
- seeds (if they are into gardening or want to grow their own veg)
- sugar body scrub (can be homemade)
- socks
- bookmark (can be homemade)
- table runner
- coffee / hot chocolate
- book (second hand to keep cost down)
- apron (can be homemade)
- gloves or hat or scarf
- cute jar or vase or other decor item

If you do decide to do this kind of gift for someone, I'd love to see it so please drop me an email!

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