15 January 2015

Three Ways to Look Younger Without Using Makeup

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If you want to look your best, you don’t have to always rely on makeup. In fact, one of the hottest beauty trends today among celebrities is going makeup-free. Try these 3 tips to look younger without using makeup.

1. Avoid the Sun 
One of the easiest ways to avoid aging your skin is to keep it protected from the sun. In fact, according to a study by L’Oreal Research and Innovation Center, approximately 80 per cent of wrinkles are caused by exposure to UV radiation from the sun. If you want to keep your skin looking young, make sure that you never leave the house without wearing lotion that has an SPF of at least 15. You should also wear a hat if you are going to be outside for a long time on sunny days.

2. Eat Healthy 
Believe it or not, one of the best beauty tips you can learn is to eat healthily. Eating healthy foods is one of the most powerful ways to ensure that your skin looks radiant. Try to avoid eating red meats and sugary foods. Try to eat as many fruits and veggies as possible. Also, make sure to stay well-hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. Eating healthy foods and staying hydrated will give you that healthy glow that is associated with youth.

3. Use a Wrinkle-Reducing Cream 
Wrinkles are the number one sign of aging. When you see someone who has a lot of wrinkles, you instantly think they are old no matter what their true age is. If you want to turn back the clock, then you should invest in a high quality wrinkle-reducing cream. There are lots of great products available to help you get rid of your wrinkles - making you look and feel young. With these 3 tips, you will be surprised that you look way younger than you actually are without relying on applying makeup.

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