4 May 2015

Ups and downs

Just a quick update with what's going on at the moment, for those who don't follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

We've had some ups and down lately - the downs being my brother's condition. He has developed a stomach infection and is in isolation now in ICU. I so appreciate the prayers and positive thoughts and kind support that you guys have given me, it means the world to me.

We did have some good news, which was a nice counterpoint - Grant's transfer came through, and our offer on the house was accepted!! We are going to be homeowners again, I'm so happy. The whole rental scene in Auckland is a complete joke (a sick one) and we're so glad to be out of it . We plan to move on the 29th, so it's all systems go to get the house purchase through, kids registered in their new school, removals arranged, and everything packed up.

Here's to new adventures!

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