15 December 2016


Hydrangeas are probably my favourite flowers and I'm so happy to have 12 hydrangea bushes in my garden so far, with 7 of them blooming (I put them in last year). Expect to see a lot of hydrangea photos!

This one changes colours as it blooms. The stems are black.

Hydrangeas 01

Bridal Bouquet

Hydrangeas 02

Hydrangeas 03

Hydrangeas 05

I believe this one is Magical Crystal. It was pink when my friend gave it to me last year, and this year has bloomed blue - I guess it's one that changes with the pH of the soil.

Hydrangeas 04

My only lacecap hydrangea. Love the blue and purple colours!

Hydrangeas 06

Hydrangeas 07

Hydrangeas 08

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