8 July 2017

Exploring Your Hair Removal Choices

Hair removal is a subject on just about everyone's mind from time to time. Whether you have a patch of unwanted hair or just a single stray hair in an inconvenient and embarrassing location, you can be rid of the annoyance much more quickly than you might think, and not just by shaving the hairs you don't want away.

What Happens When You Shave Stray Body Hairs
When you shave stray body hairs you can often develop uncomfortable ingrown hairs or nick yourself while shaving, leading to cuts and bleeding. In addition to those inconveniences, the obvious problem with shaving is you can't remove the part of the hair that is unseen because it is still within your body. Only the portion poking above the surface is removed. This is much the same as what happens when weeds are mowed down. The roots and portion growing below the soil are not damaged, causing the weeds to grow right back. If you want to “mow” your hair in such a way that's fine, but you have to be prepared for it to return quickly.

Removing Unwanted Hair with Sugaring or Waxing 
To get rid of hairs for more than just a few days you will need a stronger treatment method, such as sugaring or waxing, which can both be done at home or in clinics. They tend to work better than shaving because they actually pull hair up out of the skin instead of removing only the hair that is initially visible. The act of uprooting the hairs means that more of each hair is removed. Therefore the hairs will take longer to grow back. Due to the temporary discomfort involved, it is often better to have someone else perform the procedure on you, regardless of location.

Using Lasers or Electrolysis to Remove Hair You Don't Want 
If you feel you need some extra help removing unwanted body hair because it is in a difficult location or still simply keeps growing back too fast then hair removal lasers might be a logical choice for you. A clinician can use a laser device to target hair nearly anywhere on your body. Although, lasers cannot be used inside noses or ears. They also shouldn't be used too close to the eyes. Properly applied laser treatment can use light and heat to remove entire hairs and, in some cases, damage the follicles as well.

Another way to treat hair down to the follicle in a clinic is with electrolysis. While not considered the most comfortable treatment, the electrical impulses produced by an electrolysis device can certainly get the job done well. Most people prefer to reserve electrolysis treatment for one or two persistent hairs. It is not meant to be used in bikini areas or on other large hair patches.

 Keeping the Removed Hair from Returning 
Depending on the hair removal technique or combination of techniques you use you might have to do different things to keep the hair from growing back as quickly as it otherwise would. Depilatory cream application can help with that, but you may also have to occasionally shave or wax still just to maintain the results. Alternatively, you may elect to have another treatment or series of treatments in a clinic as the situation warrants return clinic visits.

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