24 April 2018

Create a More Appealing Kitchen Space

If your kitchen is dated, dingy, or if you are simply tired of looking at the same flooring and cabinets, you might be ready for some upgrades. Whether you have plenty to spend, or want to keep the cost down, there are a few simple things you can do, to spruce up any space, and recreate that dated kitchen you are tired of looking of.

New laminate flooring is a great option. You can find it in so many different finishes, colours, textures, and sizes, for the perfect look and feel. If you want something that looks like natural hardwoods, you can find it. Prefer something a bit more colourful, there’s a variety you can find. If you want larger tiles, or something extremely complex in design, there are many different design choices and elements you can choose from with your new flooring.

Repurpose your old cabinets. You can do this in many ways. Do a DIY project by removing the center panel, and replace the wood with glass. Replace the knobs for something shiny you’d only find in magazines. Refinish them, paint them, or stain them. Regardless of the decision you make when it comes to upgrading the cabinets, the options are truly endless. Depending on the overall look and appeal you are going for, you can choose from various projects.

Paint the space. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room, including your kitchen. Consider a new colour or simply go with the same colour, and liven up the space with a brighter finish or a stain finish. Add a new ceiling fan and light fixture to the room as well. There are many ornate lights, distinct blade shapes you can choose from, or a simple fan to help bring together the entire space, can make a great deal of difference in a room which needs some updating throughout it.

You can always upgrade to LED lighting as well. This will brighten up the room, and greatly reduce the cost of utilities each month in your home, which is always welcome by homeowners. And, new appliances are a simple fix, although this might be for those who have a bit more to spend when upgrading the space.

 No matter which approach you take, there are several ways you can remodel/revamp a dated kitchen to recreate something new and fresh you are going to love. These are a few simple solutions any homeowner can incorporate, regardless of their budget, which will really give the space an entirely new look and feel each time they walk into it.

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